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    What Makes This Song Great?

    In case anyone was wondering, it's a free, weekly podcast called Sounding Off with Rick Beato. For you Grandpas, a podcast is like a radio show that you download onto your phone (or subscribe to get it as soon as it's available). Then you can listen while doing other things, like mowing the...
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    Trad grip and swagger?

    Other anachronisms that give you "swagger": Writing with a quill pen. Riding a horse to work. Wearing a tri-corner hat from the Colonial era. Playing the harpsichord. Golfing in Knickerbockers pants (with wooden shaft clubs). Ordering a Gin Rickey at a bar. Using like "hep cat" and...
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    Competition in Music ?

    Tommy Lee manages to keep a steady beat, but he’s sitting behind a band so dumbed down for its intended audience of 13-year-old glue sniffers that it makes it impossible to tell if he’s really good or not.
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    Competition in Music ?

    Yeah, it matters who’s the best. Of course , those “stupid lists” exist to keep score. Yeah, it’s hilarious when someone gets all chapped and complains about music being measured just like every other thing in life — from cars to restaurants to supermodels, movies, books, beverages and drums...
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    ot: Diamond Dave ~ a wild & crazy guy

    Typically, medical students don’t study music theory at Pasadena City College. He did work as an EMT, though, after Van Halen.
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    Saviors of Rock and Roll, Rival Sons

    Great show last night (Monday) in Chapel Hill at the Cats Cradle, which fits about 700 people. I don't want to build it up too much, but it's one of the best rock shows I've ever seen. The records don't quite capture what an intensely powerful singer Jay Buchanan is. The way he can go from a...
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    Good Evening and WELCOME TO KANSAS!

    What is The Point of Know Return About?
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    What do you think of Jean-Paul Gaster from Clutch?

    JPG is listed as an endorser on the Gretsch page,
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    What do you think of Jean-Paul Gaster from Clutch?

    A sort-of metal band that swings! JPG is awesome. This may be just me, but I'd drive across the state to see Clutch play live (and I've been lucky enough to seem them a couple of times), but the records just don't have the same magic for me (aside from Earth Rocker). Not sure what it is, but...
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    The Dirt on Netflix

    I think Buddy's upside-down, gravity-defying solo is darned impressive ... just for the fact his hair stayed on.
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    How would you, as the Rolling Stones, postpone and reschedule a tour without giving ticket buyers some rationale why it was happening? Keep in mind the sort of assumptions ticket buyers would make about what might cause four men to postpone a tour after outliving pretty much every decent band to...
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    I expect he'll be up and chasing after models one-fourth his age in no time.
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    Drum sounds that you don't particularly like!

    Listening to Mother now. The drums could certainly be higher in the mix -- which seems 80 percent dedicated to Danzig's voice, but the tubs sound fine to me (for having been recorded 25 years ago). I think a better criticism would be just about any Misfits album up to that point. Those records...
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    The Dirt on Netflix

    Or wrote the same song again and again.
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    Drum Fill History question

    We all know The Motown Fill, though, right?