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    If you were to choose/keep 1 drumset, what would it be?

    I'm guessing that the Mapex collection doesn't go anywhere because of transporting problems, stage space, the time and effort to set it up and tear it down, and finding other musicians who want to share a stage with them. The drums, however, do make an nice conversation display in your home or...
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    If you were to choose/keep 1 drumset, what would it be?

    When we sold our large house, and moved to our retirement cottage, I sold off about half of my drum collection. I now have five drum sets (all are typical one up/one down with matching snares), one cocktail kit, four extra snare drums, several uncompleted project toms and snare drums. The drum...
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    What is the least amount or drum cymbals you could play with?

    Bass drum, snare drum, one mounted tom, one floor tom, hi-hats, two crash/rides (one on each side for open-handed playing). This configuration has served me well for many years and for many styles of music. I prefer smaller dimension drums such as 20-12-14 with 5x14 wooden snare, 14" A Zildjian...
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    Slingy vs SlingerLeedy Value

    When I got my first pro caliber gigging drum set in 1961, all the drummers I knew or saw playing locally played Ludwigs. I fell in love with the Swivomatic features of Rogers. So, I used my high school graduation gift money and some help from Mom and Dad to order a four piece Rogers outfit in...
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    Drumming quirks, hangups

    Preferences bordering on obsessions.......(1) Snare drums that match the brand and wrap of the drum set. Two exceptions are a chrome Powertone and Blackro as back up snares. (2) Wrapped drums--not exposed wood shells. The exception to unwrapped shells would be Duco two tone paint jobs. (3) All...
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    Most difficult slow tempo song you've known ?

    The tempo is moderately slow....but it's relentlessly steady. Otis Redding's rendition of Try A Little Tenderness is an exercise is self control. Al Jackson junior won my everlasting respect for maintaining the tempo even through extreme changes in volume and feel.
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    Anyone cut bass drum in half?

    That is my exact thought. Cutting something into two parts is not necessarily cutting it in half.
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    Gretsch Factory Tours Now Open

    For whatever reason it's used, it keeps you guys talking about the brand. Mission accomplished!
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    RIP D*ck Dale

    I was asked to join a new band in 1962. We were a four piece group in the Chicago suburbs consisting of lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass guitar, and me as the drummer. Most of our repertoire was made up of instrumentals. Most of those instrumentals were taken straight from Ventures albums. All...
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    Hal Blaine Shuts up Bernard Purdy! ;) Good!

    And, some people have accused me of being a cynical old fart. I have been working hard to curb my cynicism. Sarcasm is another attribute. I proudly use sarcasm in my writing and speaking. However, there's not a damn thing I can do about being an old fart.
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    What is an Andy K snare drum?

    If a music store or local chain of stores would buy enough of a stencil brand snare drum or drum set, the badge could say whatever they wanted it to say.
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    Just got back from the worst concert in my life !

    There are some performers who are seemingly incapable of ever putting on a bad show. James Taylor comes to mind. He changes things from one performance to the next. Even the songs that he's performed thousands of times over the years have a freshness to them because of his mastery of turning a...
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    Mr. Tamborine Man session

    Comment #1:March 33, 2011---A day that will live in infamy. Comment #2: That last Hal Blaine quote is probably correct as a generalization of drummers in rock bands of the era. Comment #3: From all accounts I have read concerning the great man, any inaccuracies in his annotated discography would...
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    What is an Andy K snare drum?

    T-R-A-S-H to most of us. Collectible to some of us with an affection for trashy stencil brand drums. Did Andy Kauffman spoof the drum world before he was even born?
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    Mr. Tamborine Man session

    Funny thing....Michael Clark always spoke well of you. I heard him play at an early Byrds concert back in the days when McGuinn was still gong by his given name of Jim. Michael played quite well. He may not have been of Hal Blaine's caliber. But, who among us is?