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    Largest big box retailer in the U.S.

    Retail sales is what drives our economy. Drummers circle chats over a latte in the store will just not support their business any longer. I grew up in the cigar smoke filled drum shops, rooting around piles of old hardware and cymbals in search of a gold nugget, and sometimes i found a few...
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    Largest big box retailer in the U.S.

    Nice drums, thx for the heads up. I think im going to do a little snooping around...They look good!!!
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    O.T. Top 10 NUTS

    Spanish baby red skins!!...Yes they are real, and i,ll still get deleted ...just because.
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    Largest big box retailer in the U.S.

    I thought i could smell something funny here....and there he is.
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    Largest big box retailer in the U.S.

    As the retail world changes, i,m beginning to change the way i look at purchasing my drum gear. Is Guitar Center the largest big box music store in the U.S.? I,m also aware of the love for local small, independent, knowledgeable drum shops that we love to support, but is there any approval or...
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    Who’s Hyped for the Genesis Reunion Tour?

    I can see her in a military uniform, in a cage with a whip and chair...etc,etc.
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    Toronto Drummer’s Funeral Got Real Weird Real Fast

    Didn't the Irish used to do that only they would put a bottle of scotch in his hand and a cigar in his mouth...and have a drunken party? way to celebrate life i guess!!
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    Summit vs. N&C

    Indeed. N&C are using the old traditional way, the best way in my opinion from my experience. There is far more chance of failure when bending dried wood, just look at Vaughncraft. They had lots of issues, and rejects. To each his own, but if you must spend big bucks, go with the tried and...
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    Cravioto.....why no love here?

    There is the good, better, best way to judge anything these days but a few years ago, marketing added exceptional to the list. Its hard to think of them all, but Cravs are right up there in that category. I wonder how far it will go?
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    What would you do?

    What i would do and what you will probably do are likely to be very different, but it sounds like you may have to take up darts, or buy a tiny little e kit...good luck.
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    Do other people gear choices and usage bother you?

    Hey white boy!!!Play that funky music! nice playing, and it gives credibility to your drums.
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    Do other people gear choices and usage bother you?

    Interesting comments. Anything goes for me as a rule EXCEPT people who insist they know more than anyone else simply due to the amount of high end gear they own or have owned, when it comes to percussion. Entitled people as a rule tend to lord over others regarding just about anything from cars...
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    Noble and Cooley Horizon ***SOLD *****

    Cant see how this can be constructed any finer. Love this drum, a real keeper!
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    Has the used market gotten "weird"?

    I think it depends on where you live. Big city business is always booming, but in the burbs its slowed down because like real estate, its a sellers market which means buyers get nailed, generally spkng....Also drummers are bored right now and are trading up,down,sideways, whatever they think...
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    Summit Drums Curly Maple Travel kit

    Very interesting sizes, i cant wait to hear them!