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    Yamaha Definitive Maple

    Nothing seems to be selling these days, unless its a rare collectable, but im going to let my 22,10,12,13,14,16 hanging toms in blue swirl finish go. I,d rather sell it in Ontario due to Covid concerns, so if anyone has any interest let me know and i,ll take some shots. I,m just looking to get...
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    Cadeson, Studio Series - reduced price.

    A 2 yr old thread!!...Cadeson, a name in drums i have always wanted to have but missed the opportunity a couple of times by me being a wise guy and dickin around...So is anyone selling at the moment?
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    1969 Rogers Londoner (Black Strata Pearl) looking for good home

    What a beauty!!!...I played Rogers for decades on the road and they never missed a beat. I thought the speckled interiors were born in the early 70,s?....Good luck with it!
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    Vintage Sonor kit

    They seem to be catching on for some reason. Could be the crazy prices of mint vintage gear, so you should be able to get a decent dollar. Watch out for third party involvement. These guys are in business to make the profit that should be yours. I,d be patient and wait for the right buyer, dont...
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    WNY drummers - Buffalo Drum Outlet is closing

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    Doc Sweeney 14x7 Walnut Steam Bent Snare Drum

    I can hear the power from here! Walnut is so beautiful as well.
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    Vintage Sonor kit

    pm sent
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    WNY drummers - Buffalo Drum Outlet is closing

    No entrepenurs [sp] out there that could put their heads and money together to buy a drum business like this? If i was 40 yrs younger that would have been my dream job!
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    I pulled the trigger.

    VERY NICE; Looks like traditional sizes to?..when you can own a quality set like that for reasonable money, the decision to buy is easy. Problem these days is there is SOOO much to choose from...congrats!
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    Vintage Sonor kit

    Are these drums still for sale?
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    Vintage Sonor kit

    Where are you located plz?...a road trip?
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    Time to move on?

    Keep the keepers, you know which ones, and sell or donate the rest. This is not a good time to be selling, but it sure feels good to pass on something to someone who truly appreciates it. I sold some cheaper gear for a killer price just so i could get the money and re head one of my keeper kits...
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    Time to move on?

    We all experience this sort of thing. Life changes all the time, go with your instinct, enjoy life
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    Older C&C kit, what to do with it?

    Im assuming you have another kit or 2, so i,d leave this one in its "original" condition. There will be someone who says "if you only left it alone, i,d buy it". Only thing i consider cutting are orphan toms into snare drums.
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    500 dollars and 500 miles got me this...

    I did the same thing for WMP Rogers kit yrs ago...worth the drive anytime, congrats