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    When did people stop playing butt end on snare ?

    Butt end on the floor tom for crescendos now and then. Using it for extra power on the snare drum makes my hands feel off balance, so i dont bother, i get plenty of volume playing trad grip out of my snare
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    Best build quality vintage kits

    What year did the beige interior from Slingerland show up?..I have a 12" tom that sounds very nice
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    Best build quality vintage kits

    60,s Sonor obviously, and i,ll say Rogers is a close second
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    Steve Maxwell’s personal Kool Aid flavor

    Well it possible Steve has been bitten by the Sonor bug..finally? Its taken a lot of players i know personally years to jump on board, but man are they happy they did...welcome to the family Steve!
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    Canopus 1 Ply Walnut Snare 5.5x14

    Beautiful!! old is the drum, and what is the thinking behind having no re ring on a single ply?..GLWS
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    Depends on what i eat before a show. Its tough to fart on those drum stools though, if you dont time it right, you got a problem:eek:
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    Yamaha Definitive

    Good luck; keep me posted
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    Yamaha Definitive

    Music City Drums on Charterhouse rd ...see Derek in drums, he just listed them. He also has some very nice vintage Premiers i had my eye on, with a cos snare drum
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    Yamaha Definitive

    The MCD kit is in a drum shop in London Ont..where are you located?
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    Rings near the edge..dry in center

    So what do the stick marks on your snare drum tell you?...Are you edgy or centered, or are you a jazzer and show no marks because the brushes wore them off?
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    It was brought up, and now I am curious too. Coated Batter Bass Drum Heads?

    You mean like Bonhams??...:headbang:
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    Do you take your high end kits to gigs ?

    Bingo! I will never understand why a few think of high end drums as trophies, when like you say they can buy exotic furniture. I feel insulted when these guys try to educate me about drums, then i get my back up which i know is wrong.. I spent years touring with a pawn shop kit, and i loved...
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    The Least favourite snare you currently own

    Royal star,Imp Star, etc. Powerful looking drums, but very shallow sounding. Took me awhile to come to that conclusion though
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    Diamond by Craviotto ~ New for 2021 Product Video with Sam Bacco

    Indeed they do. Steve is a pro and has had years tuning drums to their maximum potential. What a great job he has!!!
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    Summit Drums 14x6 solid steambent Box Elder snare SOLD

    can you determine shipping to N7A-1W4?