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    Vintage Premier Aqua Shimmer B202 Drum Set w/ 2001 Snare Drum.

    This is crazy that this kit is still here. This just reinforces how totally "off" the re sale market is. Im tempted to stock up on deals like this and just wait it out. It has to come full circle??….THINK ABOUT IT...For the price of a decent snare drum, look what you can have??
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    Help! Market check. 1970 Ludwig 3 ply players kit

    Another beautiful kit in a clogged market. You would get more a few years ago, but that train has left. I,ve tried to move gear many times in the last few years and have ended up keeping it or giving it away..litarally. If you can get anywhere near 800 net, I,d jump on it. Where I am that would...
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    2009 George Way 5 ” X 14” Hollywood Model Chrome Over Brass Snare Drum w/ Free Shipping & Bag

    ebtry level drum, like all the rest...Get rid of it, its worth nothing. Could be a playable drum, but its a knockoff!
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    NAMM 2020 => Mapex

    I agree that the drum itself has finally been perfected, and a long time ago. For years its been about finishes, and mystery, exotic woods from around the globe, special beds and edges, etc. Im glad the show was a watered down version of what it once was, so maybe now we can stop pretending that...
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    6-piece Deep Forest Walnut kit for sale

    "Games People Play" remember that song?:bootyshake:
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    Apollo Drumset

    what is there to part out? I,d grab it as a back up, BUT, im learning most drummers already have 3-6 back up kits, so unless you need it, I,d pass, but it is a nice kit with single ply heads on it....if you need it.
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    60's Trixon or Vox - whats the vibe like?

    Only if they can get past the inferior product concern, they may have a go. Not In America so much but in Europe. There are standards already set in place and it seems these shells wont cut the grade, not against, Ludwig/Gretsch/ Tama/Pearl/Yamaha/etc...Really, there is far to much water between...
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    THE Pedal!!

    Same as buying a new pr of shoes. It has to fit perfectly, fit your needs, has to feel right, not just ok..but like a glove. These days the choices are endless, so what is the criteria for your bass drum pedal purchase?..Price, weight, speed, guarantee, make, etc??...What is so important about...
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    Vintage Premier Aqua Shimmer B202 Drum Set w/ 2001 Snare Drum.

    is this kit still available?
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    6-piece Deep Forest Walnut kit for sale

    Sherri...are you coming back? sent, info would be helpful?
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    Hi Sherri...where are you shipping from, and could you list the sizes plz? ...I live in Ontario...

    Hi Sherri...where are you shipping from, and could you list the sizes plz? ...I live in Ontario Canada, but if you are near Buffalo/Detroit I can drive over.
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    Vintage 1960s Sonor 5" x 14" D424 Snare Drum Tear Drop Lugs Made in Germany

    Nice old drum you have, pity the hoops are not original though. There have been a lot of questions about vintage Sonor and even the experts shake their head at times. Is there no evidence of any exterior badge at all?....where are you shipping from plz?...thx
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    1960s Sonor Drums... How cool are they?

    Since "the best" is only our own opinion of whatever we're discussing, its my opinion the 60,s Sonor drums are best suited for my taste. Nothing wrong with anything else, but these shells speak my language.
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    Neil Peart dead?

    My God, that'hits hard!..I wonder how long he had known about this?..
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    The new Gene Krupa Quartet

    I recall that. If he wanted to continue to work he HAD to learn basic reading, and whats so amazing about this album, its a 4 pc band not a 40 pc. Reminds me a lot of Brubeck,s early stuff. A lot of discipline in this band, give it a listen, if you can find it.....And yes, I,ve heard of this...