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    Score of a lifetime!

    The champagne is beautiful but i must say I am really digging that blue oyster set. Both sets with the rail is just awesome. Congratulations.
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    Would this be a fair trade?

    I know the issue is dead now but for future reference this is indeed a classic maple snare. As far as I can tell from the pic it also looks like there is no serial number on the badge which indicates that the drum was made after 2015. I think it was 2015 when Ludwig started putting a sticker...
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    fill-in gig questions...would you??

    I would definitely pass too. I have done tons of gigs with no rehearsals and it's never been a problem. In fact I did one recently for a guy whose band it was and he was using an iPad to remember his lyrics! The sad part was that nobody seemed to care in the least.
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    Jazz Fest Reissue Description Incorrect! Grrrr!

    Not many people love Ludwig drums new and old more than me but the jazz festival reissue is just another reissue in the long line of things that Ludwig has done that don't quite hit the mark IMO. Actually I think all of the jazzfests look great with the exception of the mod orange. The color...
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    Ludwig classic maple kits

    My set is 22,13,14,16 and I love them. Even though they make quick pick sets in 22,13,16 sizes, I special ordered mine. I was trying to copy the look of a 1970 set with some modern features(the shell and rail mount). I have done over 300 gigs with my set and they still look new. I went with a...
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    Vintage Ludwig Info?

    The drums are from the psychedelic era and you wonder why the insides were painted orange?? Lol just kidding. People do some really crazy stuff to drum sets. At least this damage can be fixed and from the outside the drums will still look great. Nice find!
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    George Way Kit is heading my WAY!

    Good to hear you are getting George Way drums again.
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    Quantizing John Bonham

    Honestly I think a large part of the buying population doesn't give a crap where their music comes from. Don't get me wrong though. There are fortunately a lot of people that like a real live band or a good song that was played from the heart. Part of the problem is that so much technology comes...
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    Ludwig classic maple kits

    I love mine 2012 22,13,16 5x14 8 lug snare and canister all with B/O badges. In 2015 I added a matching 14x14. This has been an incredible set of drums and I have owned a lot of Ludwig drums over the years. You would be surprised at how many nice used classic maple sets are out there at great...
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    How rare are Pre-Serial Ludwig 12x18 bass drums?

    Yes Joe, that is quite a find indeed! The 12x18 was marketed with the jazzette outfit in the 1967 catalog but as Kevin pointed out, it was a size option with the gold coast. This was more than likely special ordered. It would be really cool to trace it's history to see where it came from and who...
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    Ludwig Clubdate SE opinions?

    I have a mod orange element SE from around 2009 in the downbeat sizes and they are great drums. I too have had no issues with the wrap on any drum. The sound is quite good too and the mod orange on there is the jammin sams version which has held up nicely. I rarely gig them as they are set up at...
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    So much 70's mod orange!

    Here is a pic of three versions. The top swatch is jammin sams, the middle is bumwrap and the last one is original mod orange from a 1969 dealer swatch. As you can see, jammin sams nailed the color but the pattern is off.
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    Rick Allen

    I just watched this too and it was touching to see the emotion from Rick. I saw DL back around 1988 and I was pleasantly surprised at how good they sounded.
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    So much 70's mod orange!

    Actually the lone bass drum and that 12 and 14 would make up the correct Densmore sizes. That 14" floor has and issue where its a little messed up around one of the leg mounts. Fortunately the leg bracket covers the damage. Even though the bass drum doesn't match the faded pieces, I'm a little...
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    Hip, Young Drummer Tops Buddy Rich in Lucy Show Drum Duel

    I love seeing stuff like this and I think Desi did a fine job. Buddy is just a freak of nature though and I just love watching him go off. There was nobody like Buddy!