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    Gigging bop kit

    I used to have an original 1970's jazzette in silver sparkle and I did all of my jazz gigs on that. I loved that set as it looked and sounded really cool. Sadly there is not much jazz going on around here and I ended up selling the set when I needed a little cash to help pay for a new furnace...
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    Neil Peart, Greatest Drummer Of All Time

    Boy this is a strange thread. I love both Buddy and Neil for different reasons. I was never a RUSH fanatic but I do love RUSH and sometimes I'm in the mood to hear them on a long drive or something. They were part of my childhood and I have a lot of great memories associated with RUSH. I also...
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    New Radio King prototypes

    Wow those look amazing!
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    Gigging bop kit

    I liked the idea of having the Gretsch Progressive jazz I picked up last year because it has the cool sizes. Boy this thing is heavy though! I still love it though.
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    The Top 25 Scandinavian Drummers Of All Time

    Good to know. maybe one day I will get over there. My Grandfather's name was also Harald but my Grandmother had him americanize it to Harold... Doh...
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    Your favorite photo of your favorite drummer

    Love the AVH pictures as he's my favorite. I also love this guy and this set of drums.
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    Will Modern Drummer’s New Owner Print Magazines?

    If this is true, I probably wouldn't be too sad. I have had a subscription since 1983 when I was 12. I probably have every issue since October 1983 to present as well as some misc ones from pre-1983. As one can imagine, they take up some room and I don't read them they way I used to when I was a...
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    Polishing Rogers Black Strata Wrap

    I don't own one but I have seen a lot of people get good results using a small hand held buffing wheel. I typically use Novus number two on the finish as well. I'm guessing you would have to just go slow and be careful.
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    Help with transition badge Ludwig snare

    What Mike said. This drum looks very nice too. Could be date stamped inside. If so, it will be red ink and it can sometimes be hard to read against the dark interior.
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    Cut Badge Acrolite

    I don't think I have ever seen a cut badge acro either. Certainly possible that it was drilled for keystone and a B/O badge was modified to fit it?
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    The Top 25 Scandinavian Drummers Of All Time

    Sorry for the late reply. He came from Vimmerby. I may still have relatives over there as he had a pretty big family. basically he married young, she got pregnant and they came to the USA in the 1920's. Sadly his wife and unborn child died when she was giving birth. He met my Grandmother in the...
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    Ludwig Rocker Particle Wood Shells?

    I bought two of these bass drums in 1988 in white. I had some crazy hair brained idea that I would try to create my own Alex Van Halen 5150 tribute set since I saw the tour in 1986 when I was 15. I saved up a bunch of money from working crappy summer jobs and bought the two bass drums as well as...
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    Drummer autographs

    Max Roach signed the back of my ticket as I saw him when I was waiting line for his concert. He was very nice. In high school in the 80's I got Louie Bellsons autograpgh as well as Alan Dawson, who signed my Modern Drummer with him on the cover. I also have a 2004 Ludwig prototype snare signed...
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    The Top 25 Scandinavian Drummers Of All Time

    Cool stuff! My Grandfather immigrated from Sweden in the 1920's. My last name is Ekstrom and I have always wanted to see where he was from. Looks like a beautiful country.
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    Ludwig 60s vs DW

    I can't answer any of this until I see the actual Ludwig set. I have owned many vintage Ludwig sets and almost all of them have been excellent. It feels great to play jazz on an old set of Ludwig's. That being said, there are just too many variables to an old Ludwig set to make judgements on...