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    Just for kicks- Sonically matching a 4x14 Ludwig Downbeat snare in 2020

    I'm with Kevin on this one. The original lugs were so damn cool and unless that could be replicated or found, I would probably opt for a tube lug. Guess I would have to see a legacy all done up with the small keystone badge and Ludwig's current lugs to get an idea but nothing comes close to the...
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    Gretsch snare model 4157 serial 20969 Help!!

    I'm not a Gretsch expert by any means but isn't this wrap kind of rare?
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    Glad to hear you got your order. I love the stuff they make. I used the citrus mod they make to make hoops to match my 71 set as the original ones were long gone and they look awesome. I have an 80;s rocker snare with classic lugs, p-85 and B/O badge that I thought about doing in citrus to match...
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    Anyone hate to watch videos of themselves play? I do!

    I'm glad to hear everyone's complaint of themselves. I always seem to look angry when I play and I don't feel that at all. I get the stupid comments sometimes about needing to smile more but one thing I hate about smiling is that it messes with my in ears. My ears sit perfectly until I smile and...
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    4/2/87. Buddy Rich Passed away

    I feel fortunate that I saw Buddy in 1984 when I was 13. He played a local high school and somehow my completely non musical parents got me tickets. I'm wondering if my drum teacher suggested it. It was great but I wish I had been a little older to appreciate it what I was actually seeing. At...
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    Stimulus funds?

    If I get one it will probably cover a bunch of the gigs I have lost. Thankfully I don't rely on music for my sole income as I have a state job, however I will probably be losing at least $1000 bucks or so in gigs. That pretty much sucks.
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    Cymbals mixed low in modern rock recordings.

    I like this response. I don't see why cymbals should ever be buried. We drummers spend LOTS of money on cymbals and it seems pointless if an engineer is just going to barely make them audible. In that sense I might as well just buy some ZBT crashes and be done with it. My modern country band put...
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    Famous Gretsch Recordings?

    I thought I read somewhere that Alex Van Halen used a Gretsch 26" bass drum when recording the For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge album. I'm not 100 percent sure on that. John Densmore did have a Gretsch 20,12,14 WMP set when he joined the doors. I always assumed that he used that set on the first...
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    Thoughts on this 70s Ludwig Black Oyster?

    Does the seller mention if they are three ply or not? The only thing throwing me off is the badge placement on the bass drum. back around 1980-81 Ludwig moved the badge on the bass drum to the player side so they could have room to put the new triangular modular mount they were making. The...
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    Who is the one bassist you would love to jam with?

    I really think this person is underrated but I'm going with Michael Anthony. VH is my favorite band from when I was a kid in the 80's and he seems so damn cool. we could jam for a while then he could take me for a cruise on his boat where we could have a couple of drinks and he could tell me all...
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    Dream BOP kit....

    Beautiful! I had this jazzette from around 1974. It was awesome and I do regret selling it. Unfortunately nobody plays jazz much in these parts and I needed the cash it brought in.
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    Tell me about your modern Ludwig Classic Maple Snare drum? I am considering a 6.5x14 CM Ply snare drum.

    Thanks! I t's my favorite kind of set up. I would have gone keystone badge but in 2012 Ludwig was still only offering the large keystone that they made from 1985 on. The other issue is that Ludwig puts all the badges on toms up towards the top. That looks perfect for a B/O badge but I hate the...
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    Simon Kirke's Gretsch kit used on BC recordings.

    In the Isle of Wight festival he is using a 60's oyster black jazzfest. I wonder what happened to that snare?
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    Tell me about your modern Ludwig Classic Maple Snare drum? I am considering a 6.5x14 CM Ply snare drum.

    I love my classic maple. It's odd because when I got the whole set in 2012, I sold off a 2003 gold sparkle set to fund the purchase. The 2003 set sounded fantastic but it had a few cosmetic things that bugged me. When the 2012 came in and I gigged them the first time, I got really nervous...
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    Jim Gordon's Camco set

    I don't have a ton to add to this other than a cool story from a friend of mine. Back in the early 90's my friend decided to move to San Francisco to try his hand at music in a different area(we are new England). When he got out there he ended up befriending a guy that was actually in AA or...