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    Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2020: There's One Standout Drummer

    Boyd Tinsley, the violinist from DMB got kicked out not too long ago. He just played some shows around here and one of my friends was playing bass in the opening band for a few shows. Boyd was so messed up he could barely stand. So sad to see what happens to some of these guys. I would highly...
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    Mike, I have no idea why but WFL used two different styles of strainers. There is the kind like the one on your rose duco drum that came in right, left, single, nickle, chrome and tall and short(to work with 5x14 sized drums). There is also the kind that is on the wmp drum I posted and the...
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    Great drum Mike as usual. I have seen several of those twins with lugs like that but this one is the first I have seen with those strainers. All of the ones with those Lugs I have seen used the strainer in this picture. The ones on your drum are the short versions and I have only seen them on...
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    11 Years Ago, Ringo Said “No, No” to Signing Autographs for Fans

    This is what I heard as well. People would have him sign stuff just so they could turn around and re-sell it. He sells autographed items at concerts and the money goes to I don't blame him for doing what he did. I have heard that he would...
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    Resurrected a dusty old black panther 20

    Great Job! No citrus under there? (sorry I had to say it)
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    Show us your well worn or road worn or weathered gear

    I sometimes play with a bass player that plays a 1970 Fender Jazz bass that he got second hand from a friend in 1971. I guess his friend bought it new and ended up selling it shortly afterwards to the guy I play with. He has played that bass so much that there is a huge cavity where his thumb...
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    On This Day, Peter Criss Exits KISS in a Drum-Smashing Finale

    That was painful to watch.....
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    RIP Ginger Baker

    R.I.P. Ginger
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    John Henry Bonham Died on this Day

    Great words Mark. I'm sure that those around him knew it was a problem but it's not easy to get someone to stop. Especially if you do a little of it yourself. The guy I played in high school with was SO talented on guitar,singing and songwriting. He just had a really bad drinking problem that...
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    Being a drummer in the Country & Western/Western Swing world

    I play modern country now and it is nothing like the older country. I did however spend a few years playing 1920-30's trad jazz with a group of guys much older than me(my parents age and even older) and that was interesting. I was quite surprised at how snippy they would get with one another and...
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    Ludwig Transition Badge Oyster Pink Pearl "Jazz Festival"

    Make sure you look really close for the date stamp. They used red ink and sometimes it can blend in or fade into the mahogany interior. It is typically located on the inside where the badge hole is. There may well not be any stamp but I just wanted to mention it as they can be hard to read...
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    Ludwig Transition Badge Oyster Pink Pearl "Jazz Festival"

    Wow that is a beauty! Is it date stamped inside? Just curious. Bun E has been collecting Oyster Pink Pearl for some time and I'll bet he could give you an accurate value on this drum.
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    5 Greatest RUSH Songs Friday

    Am I completely in the minority as a RUSH fan the loves 80's RUSH? I'm not even sure if the actual members of RUSH like the stuff they did in the 80's but I love it. Marathon Man is my favorite RUSH tune along with the Camera Eye. I also love Mission as well as the Manhatten Project and Show...
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    Here's my "My band broke up, and boy, am I bummed" thread.

    I know exactly how you feel. My main band has had more ups and downs then anything I can remember. We have a male and female singer and the male singer has been dealing with bladder cancer the last two years. It really threw a wrench into things as we had a great thing going with tons of good...
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    Citrus Mod finished

    It's always about the cause. Lol... I really wanted to save these because I know they are quite rare and I wanted them to be around for many years in their original state. truth be told though I probably would have tried to do a good job even if they were a really common run of the mill color...