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    Is country drumming boring?

    I have played modern country for years now and I think it's pretty fun. I was in a band called The Shana Stack Band for 10 years and we played everywhere. I even got to play on the big boy stage opening for Toby Keith and I never would have done that had a kept playing the same old classic rock...
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    WFL De Luxe Marble Paramount

    Very cool! Thanks for sharing. One thing that seems odd about mine is the solid white bass drum hoops. Most all of these drums I have seen have had the sparkle inlay like the ring around the toms. Normally I would say that mine could have been a cheaper model with the white hoops, however my...
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    Late 1930s WFL Twin Strainer

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    Keller getting out of the drum shell business ?

    I can't believe that after all the years I have lived in NH (nearly all 52 of them), I have never been to Keller just to check it out. I'm probably 20-30 minutes from there and gig in Manchester fairly regularly. I should try to visit sometime.
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    What was that brief 2013 Vinnie Goes Ludwig About?

    I wonder if it comes down to tour support or something? I know Vinnie could make anything sound good but I thought his black galaxy set sounded fantastic. In the end though I do tend to associate him with Gretsch drums. Both Ludwig and Gretsch are my favorite drums though so I may be a little...
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    WFL De Luxe Marble Paramount

    Wow very cool! Do you have a picture of your other one?
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    RIP Christine McVie

    Very sad. Her songs were my favorite. RIP Christine.
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    Was it Morello that said….

    I agree with this. I love the look of traditional grip and love the jazz history behind it but no matter how i try, my matched grip is SO much better. I have no problem whatsoever playing low volume rudiments or jazz comping on the the left hand using matched. I will say that swishing the...
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    New member - digging my '78 BDP Ludwigs out of storage!

    I think you pretty much nailed the date on these. I don't think you could get much closer unless you actually knew who the original owner was and they knew when the got them exactly. During the mid 60's until the early 70's, a Hollywood set consisted of the 22,12,13,16 toms with a 5x14...
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    Late 1930s WFL Twin Strainer

    Thanks for the kind words! I'm really only joking about that episode as I joke with my wife and family members about it putting them to sleep. I know it is certainly interesting for guys like us because I listen tons of his other ones on car rides to and from gigs and it makes the drives so much...
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    WFL De Luxe Marble Paramount

    My set had no bottom heads as the set is the Capitol outfit. I'm wondering if there is a place that can put new tacked heads on you toms? That would be cool.
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    New Metallica Album and Tour Announced

    I think Wolfgang Van Halen's band Mammoth is opening some of the dates. I saw metallica back in 1988 on the Monsters of Rock tour and again on the black tour in 1991. I actually like james a lot. I have never really cared for Lars all that much. His drum sound never appealed to me in the...
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    OT - bands or artists you’ve soured to.

    I have a hard time with John Melloncamp lately. I have probably played hurts So Good in every band I was in from the mid 90's until now. That and Sweet Home Alabama still pack a dance floor though so what do I know... John just seems like a douche now. He seems angry at so many things and would...
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    Questions for Gretsch bop kit owners

    I know that re-wraps and such aren't exactly favored among collectors but an original 18,12,14 Gretsch done up in a classic color that Gretsch offered could probably bring some decent money. If this was me, I would probably try to replicate a color that either Max, Elvin, Art or Tony used as I...
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    Late 1930s WFL Twin Strainer

    That's a beautiful drum. The story you heard about WFL II bringing drums out on trips (notably Massachusetts) likely came from me. I have virtually the same drum except mine is oddly enough a 6.5x14. I don't think a 6.5 was offered in the catalog as most of these drums are 7x14. I found mine in...