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    OT rant, what's yours?

    My back has been my worst enemy lately. Just when I get better, I tweak it again. Nothing out of the ordinary has caused it, no heavy lifting, etc. Super frustrating.
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    Name your favorite odd meter songs

    Turn It On by Genesis and the theme from Mission Impossible by Lalo Shifrin. Subtle, yet tricky. Love when odd times just groove so as not to even notice. Until you play it!
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    My first foray into modern, high end drums.

    I've got a 2002 Tama Starclassic MIJ (the dreaded 18x22 . .whatever, sounds great) 10/12/14/16, 14 snare and I absolutely love it. Every time I think about selling it, I play it more and think "nope, not yet." Been doing a Benny Greb 10"-16" set up lately and it's a blast to play. Live...
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    Time for your Office Pics! It's been a while.

    The latest treat: USA Custom 16"-12"-14"-14" in Vintage Champagne Sparkle. The 14x16 BD is a real interesting drum that forces me to play much differently. Never played a 16" drum of my own and this set just oozes music.
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    Ludwig Classic Maple or DW Performance

    No question: the Ludwig CM can do anything you want it to do.
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    JoJo Mayer - Shredding it on a "State of the Art" set up

    Been going back to watch this a few times, loving it even more. JoJo just having fun back there playing crazy stuff. Sort of where it's at right now.
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    JoJo Mayer - Shredding it on a "State of the Art" set up

    Sounds great, thanks for sharing. Thought the heads and kit fit the tune.
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    Anyone going to order a NEW Slingerland kit?

    Whether or not DW purchased the Slingy name to produce drums or protect the trademark, it's still pretty cool to see one of the legendary drum names even mentioned in the 21st century. Guess we'll see with whatever test runs they elect to start with and where the interest lies. Certainly not a...
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    20” kick vs 22” kick

    I've got a Gretsch USA Custom 14x20" bass drum, and I'm always impressed with the thump I get from it and don't think you'd notice that big of a difference from your 22". That 20" can do anything I want it to, but so far it has been resistant to cutting my lawn . . . Seriously, get the 20" or...
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    What Is Pocket?

    Nate.Smith. the epitome of the modern pocket. Oof
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    Jimmy Chamberlain w/Pumpkins

    That's because Jimmy Chamberlain is the Pumpkins. Billy knows that, too. He brings a great jazz sensibility to that band which gives them their sound. IMHO.
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    What Is Pocket?

    Anything that Steve Jordan plays.
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    Fronting a band with guitar taught me that I despise overplaying....

    Every instrument has its heroes and fire-breathers; cool licks, lots of notes, stratospheric musicianship, etc. I remember my youth band director reading out the trumpet section that "Maynard Ferguson already has his own band" (I started in the trombone section, and the trumpets were always...
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    Anyone going to order a NEW Slingerland kit?

    I just can't see DW investing the necessary dollars to be competitive in the drum market. Maybe the Radio King only, and if they replicate the old formula (Niles/Nashville) then that might be a winner for a certain crowd, but even the nostalgia market is pretty packed with the other Big 2...
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    Tama Dynasync footboard length

    Direct drive pedals really popular now. Want to try this out