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    How many “princess and the pea” details on drums people willing to quibble over?

    Call me crazy, but I've never been so picky about my instruments. I'm only interested in three Things: Do they sound good? How heavy are they? Will they fit in my car? Unless something is broken, I couldn't care less about all the other stuff.
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    Heard at every Jazz Jam....

    And then she glares back at you when she doesn't know when to come in...
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    Does it matter what you hit as long as you have groove?

    My old friend Ron Wilson (Wipeout) had a Rockabilly duo; just acoustic guitar and him with brushes on an old suitcase. They were fat, fun and very dance friendly! He loved the load out, too.
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    Best compliment you've received about your drumming?

    I've covered this before, but I just got one last week from the guitarist I'm presently working with. He is supremely talented and a joy to work with. When we were packing up, he said: "You know, I've spent my life searching for a real pocket player and You are the one." Coming from him, I was...
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    Forearm recovery - ice and compression?

    If you are spending that much time on the computer, there is an inexpensive way to relieve a lot of tension on your arm. I was experiencing a "Tennis Elbow" type of strain in my arm until a friend turned me on to the Vertical Mouse. It positions the arm in a much more natural angle. You can...
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    Seat Cover

    Thanks for the offer, but I have a guy nearby who says he'll take care of it.
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    Seat Cover

    I'm thinking that's what I'll have to do.
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    Seat Cover

    I have been searching high and low for a business that sells a seat cover for a tractor/motorcycle seat on a Tama First Chair. It seems the only company I can find is "Stone Thrones" which is all over Amazon and other places. They have a custom shop, but they don't respond to my queries. If any...
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    Fantasy Fill-In, One Song, Which Band?

    Little Feat: One Clear Moment
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    Non-drummer drummers appreciation

    Stepping into the Wayback Machine, no slouch, him; Mel Torme...
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    Stop complaining... :-)

    Dude didn't drop a stick...
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    In a Band suggesting songs

    My current situation is similar, but with a twist. I've been a singing drummer most of my career. As a hired gun, I don't particularly care to sing much any more, but the boss keeps begging me to do some tunes. I offer suggestions as to what I want to sing and he and the others always say:"Hell...
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    As we get older…

    I'm 73 and still gigging. I am grateful for fingertip control, as hitting hard isn't as pleasant as it used to be. The hard part is dragging my equipment around! Staying in shape the best you can will certainly add years to your drumming.
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    This is what a $25 drum key looks like.

    This seems appropriate:
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    This is what a $25 drum key looks like.

    This was a birthday gift from my bass player, $17.00 Always ready.