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    Dark Paiste vs. Dark Zildjian vs. Istanbul Agop

    On paper the Joey Waronker ride would be perfect for 'singer-song writer'. Again, it has a tendency to be a lower volume cymbal, like many of the nicest Agop rides. I haven't had a problem with the crashes.
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    Dark Paiste vs. Dark Zildjian vs. Istanbul Agop

    A lot of the Agop lines are best played lower volume. I just went through a bunch of their rides to find a more mainstream ride that is clean, with stick attack, but not bland or boring. I settled on the Mantra ride (Cindy Blackman). It is perfect for me. The Idris Muhammad is well known for...
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    Live music volume and mixing: my rant...

    Interestingly, playing live the musicians that play with much less dynamics are all wearing IEM's. It's like they are playing solo in a world of their own. people have stopped listening to each other. For me live sound has never been better. Volume also depends where you are. I saw Fleetwood...
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    Musicians coming home after gig paid in exposure

    Ten to fifteen years down the line a lot of the public still don't get it.
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    Taxes for selling your gear

    Most nations tax income from gear sales - just saying. D C Crigger is right in every regard as far as I'm concerned. As a self employed person I have an accountant prepare my tax return every year. I ALWAYS have to declare gear purchases and gear sales. I can claim a tax deduction for gear...
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    Cravioto.....why no love here?

    A Craviotto Black Cherry is probably the best snare I own. based on the fact it sounds stellar in the recording studio, and I've played it on many live shows in different circumstances, small to large venues, little PA, big PA, compromised sounding spaces etc - and it has always sounded superb...
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    Summit vs. N&C

    I don't know about Summit, but there's a lot more thought put into wood at N&C than you seem to imply. They are not just using whatever wood is available. They put research into every wood they use, and if they are thinking of using a new wood they will make a drum and test it before offering...
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    New to miking drums

    The more mics you use the more problems crop up. I would definitely consider a two to four mic set up at the most. Bass drum and one overhead is fine. Most of the drum mic sets are lower quality than buying two to four of the classic drum mics - that will also hold their value.
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    Taking an inventory of my gear. 2021 style!

    You've got four almost identical Yamaha kits. I would sell three and have a nice holiday with the proceeds.
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    New to miking drums

    There are very cheap options used. Obviously the 57 on snare. Audio D6 on bass drum? Or Shure Beta 52. There's a great Beyerdynamic BD mic. Then one overhead, could be a 57 again, or a cheap condenser (Avenson). Kick, snare and overhead is all you need to project volume. Could be a $500...
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    Great recorded drum sounds

    As usual people confuse favourite with best. For example, I absolutely love The Stones Roses record, but as a greatest drum sound of all time? No. The article should be - most interesting drum sounds, or most iconic drum sounds. Great drum sounds are often quite boring. I would list as superbly...
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    Gergo Borlai and the way he mounts his toms (R.I.M.S. mounts upside down)

    Yes - I have done this in the past and the main and only reason I did it was to make it easier to change the batter heads. If you work a lot you are changing the batter head at least weekly. I change my resonant heads yearly at the very most. I have found the toms are less stable with the RIMS...
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    How to play heavy backbeats while playing cross-handed?

    My right stick seems to lift slightly to accommodate the loud backbeat. It's all completely unconscious.
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    How to play heavy backbeats while playing cross-handed?

    I'm probably the same as 'drums1225'. I've never really thought about it. I play loud snare backbeats as a rimshot and don't need to raise my arm really. The only thing I might do different to an open handed player is I have my hi-hats a good 6" above the batter head of my snare. It feels...