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    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    Picked up a (what I think is a 60s) Zildjian bottom high hat cymbal, using it as a top with a Quick Beats top as the bottom... It's odd but has a great defined sound.
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    Can I reduce the heavy wash of a very heavy ride (holes, putty, chewing gum, I dunno)

    Short term, I'd suggest a small piece of Moongel, or gaff tape. Or, perhaps, try to strike it differetly. I have a 60s Zildjian 22" ride that has a roar that can quickly dominate everything, but learning to approach it with more grace has it playing along much more nicely. ;) I, personally...
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    High Hat ID Help please?

    Apologies, that was across the top. 13" even across the bottom.
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    High Hat ID Help please?

    Great info, as always. Thanks. :) As far as size, they measure 13.25", if that helps at all. I can take more pics, just tell me of what and how to frame them. I've taken a couple of the bell(s), but I don't know what would help most.
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    OT: How fat have you gotten since quarantine started?

    My weight has been constant throughout... Quitting drinking really helped.
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    High Hat ID Help please?

    They sound washy and old-school, like the hats on older jazz and classic rock records. Searching youtube the closest sounding 13" hats were similarly weighted 50s Zildjians. I know these definitely aren't that, but I didn't expect them to be. ;) I kinda figured they weren't anything special, but...
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    High Hat ID Help please?

    I picked up a set of 13" high hats with no marks, ink, or stamps that I can see, I'm hoping someone here can help. :) Pics- The lighter one is 550 grams, the heavier...
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    Zildjian 21" ride 60s short stamp puzzle... I always find your posts helpful, especially now that my fondness for older Zs has me with two and looking for more. ;)
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    My new Fender American Jazz Bass

    I have a P, a J, and a PJ, but the P Bass always gets my love. It's the oldest of the three and it just feels right. :)
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    Ddrum snares - any opinions?

    I recently picked up a ddrum 13x7 Dominion snare, birch with an ash veneer. Seems well built, good edges and seams, decent finish, decent hardware. Sounds pretty good, too. Needs new heads, though. Definitely a good drum for a hundred bucks. ;)
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    My new Fender American Jazz Bass

    I'm more of a P bass player lately, but I still have a Jazz bass around, because you have to. ;) Enjoy your new bass. :)
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    How many of you all play bass?

    Since we're sharing basses... :) I have 6, but this is my #1-
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    I have $250. What wood snare would you recommend?

    I recently got an 8 lug Yamaha Tour Custom Maple and a 10 Yamaha Rock Tour Mahogany for $160, total. Worth it to shop around.
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    Bird's Eye Views...

    Not as fancy as some here, but this is mine: :)
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    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    Late 50s Zildjian ssb 20"... 2060 grams, I think it's a crash ride. I like it a lot. :)