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    An Act to Catch if You Can

    Wow. Joshua Johnson really shines in this video. Serves the song... but owns it too. That snare drum sound is fantastic.
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    Order with

    I can't imagine anyone here at DFO would confuse Drumart with another vendor. It seems kind of insensitive to use my post (where I may be dealing with a scammer) as an opportunity to promote services. I think your reputation is pretty golden here.
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    Order with

    Saturday marks 17 days since I've heard from the company
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    Is Post Malone the savior of Rock?

    I have to thank my now 17-year-old son for bringing Post to my attention a few years ago. His track "Congratulations' is the first track that stuck with me and "Wow' was one of my favorite tunes from early 2019. He draws from a well of musical depth. You can find youtube videos from before his...
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    Order with

    I just want to reiterate, a delay in shipping is not what prompted my post. It's the fact that I've not received a shipping confirmation and after 2 inquiries on the status of my order via email, I've not received any response. I was hoping there might be someone here at DFO better connected...
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    Order with

    Yep. Jim has done 3 heads for me.
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    Order with

    I'm fine with waiting on the head. It's the not responding to emails that concerns me
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    Order with

    I placed an order with on the April 14th and got a confirmation the next day. Despite their claim to ship heads "2-5 business days" after ordering, I haven't heard a peep from them since. I've emailed them twice in the past 5 days with no response. They've had a message on...
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    Wow! This is great (Randolph & Stewart in Vic Firth Duo)

    I love that they're playing together and not necessarily trying to outchop each other
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    Morning News Anchor Eases Isolation Boredom on the Drums

    Easy now! I'm one of dem 'blow-dried idiots'.
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    What Year Did you begin drumming?

    got my first kit in summer 1986
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    Nawlins stuff

    holy hell... this is incredible!
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    Neil Peart Tribute in a Can! Cheers!

    I wonder if i can buy it in Texas?
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    David Byrne, Once in a Lifetime, SNL, GENIUS!

    Did anyone else think the dancer to David's right was Danny Elfman?