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    Fans of the crash of doom

    I’d like to have some efx holes cut into my COD to bring a lil more trash
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    My first time playing 17” Hi Hats

    Out of pure curiosity, I bought these 17” Istanbul Agop XIST Dry Dark hats on ebay. So far, they’re a fun rehearsal space novelty.
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    Biggest game changer for your kit

    I use these as an x-hat to the right of my ride and they have brought a new identity to my playing. Tighten the clutch for an alternate time keeper, loosen them up for a funky efx cymbal. Far and away the best <$200 cymbal purchase I’ve ever made. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them as my primary...
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    Cutting efx holes?

    I’m interested in adding effects holes to my crash of doom. Are there people who do this or tools with which I can do it myself?
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    Fave Drummer Under 40?

    I would suggest Griffin Goldsmith is one of the most interesting drummers on tour right now. He was born in 1990
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    Fave Drummer Under 40?

    I always think of Chris "Daddy" Dave as being youthful but he's 48. What's even more mind-blowing is Carter Beauford being 63
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    Bass drum mounted Ride cymbal holder

    looks like a great idea especially considering the position options
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    I’m playing Nashville for the first time

    I took over drum duties for the James Cook Band in March and for the first time in my life, I’m a touring drummer. We’re playing the Music City, June 11th at Tennessee Brew Works.
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    Time for your Office Pics! It's been a while.

    This is the kit I’ll be playing in Nashville this weekend
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    My wife and I are visiting Nashville this coming weekend. I'm playing drums for the James Cook Band, Saturday night (June 11th) at Tennesee Brew Works. I welcome your recommendations on places we should see.
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    Texas twist on the iconic monogram bass drumhead

    Yours is definitely more loyal to the look!
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    Texas twist on the iconic monogram bass drumhead

    I recently began playing drums for a Texas country artist and designed a bass drumhead based on the iconic monogrammed heads of the swing band era. Yes my initials are J.C. but also the name of the band is the James Cook Band, which adds weight to the design
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    Looking to Book Shows in Kansas City/Lawrence area

    I'm now playing drums for a Texas Country/Americana artist (much in the style of Nathaniel Rateliff) looking to book in the KC/Lawrence area. What are the best venues for this type of music? Are there DFOers active in the scene looking to share a bill late-summer into fall?
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    DFOers in Lubbock

    For the first time ever, I’m playing a show in Lubbock, TX. Tonight 3/31/2022 Blue Light Live It’s also my first show in support of James Cook Then were on to Fort Worth, Saturday night
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    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    I bought a 19" K Zildjian Sweet Crash. I think it plays like a Paiste Sig, but that's okay