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    Time for your Office Pics! It's been a while.

    New custom head for the kit last night at a show. Great night.
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    Two cymbals on one stand?

    I use a Tama boom stand with a Tama MCA63EN clamped to the middle section with the arm over a leg of the stand for stability, this holds a Sabian HHX ride. I then use the stand boom arm for a crash and on the boom end of the crash I use part of a Gibraltar boom stacker to fly a ozone crash off...
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    Should I quit one of my bands?

    Similar situation, Left a band 4 years ago for lack of direction. Just jam and play to hope things would fall into place. Was asked a year and a half ago to come back to playing with two of the old members and two new ones. I checked them out and did a few fill ins with them. Seemed fine...
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    Western N.Y. Drumming Festival

    I wanted to go this year but I will be out of town at a gig also.
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    Anyone drumming after a Cervical Fusion?

    I had a cervical fusion almost 20 years ago. C5,C6,C7. I had pain throughout my right upper back/neck into the shoulder and down the arm into the hand to the fingers. Had the surgery and withing a month it was way better. I have the occasional drops of the stick but I started using that...
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    Multiple kits, do I sell one?????

    That is amazing, you have a very nice collection of gear. Some very beautiful stuff
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    Multiple kits, do I sell one?????

    Ha, thats what its starting to sound like. I mean, I only have a few compared to most of you guys. Thanks for the replies
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    Multiple kits, do I sell one?????

    So, a question for everyone. Is it good to have multiple kits for different situations, like small clubs and or larger places. I have a Rogers Fullerton that I will never part with. 6pc Vision VSX with a 20 kick and a Starclassic Birch with a 22 kick. Usually only gig with a 4pc and the only...
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    Pedal modification question

    Hey all, been a while since I have posted. I have been playing a Tama IC single for a few years and like it a lot. It has features that allow me to dial in the pedal to my liking. I also have a older Gibraltar Avenger II double. I haven't used it in years and never liked it for lack of...
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    Buffalo NY area bearing edge - anyone?

    So where did you end up going? I have a 12 that has a couple flat spots and need fixed, I am also in buffalo and would like to know. Thanks in advance..