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    Merry Christmas forum members

    Merry Christmas!
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    What Was the Best Live Show/Drummer You Saw in 2018?

    Jinjer and the drummer from that band, Vlad Ulasevich. Incredible live show, best I've seen this year, and very interesting drum setup. He uses no top toms. lots of 20+ inch cymbals, all tilted forward, and plays open hand. does alot with his small-ish setup and plays some very interesting...
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    Whatever Happened to Steve Gadd?

    he is currently doing some club gigs. I just missed his show this past weekend. had to work that day. was bummed.
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    My NEW Ludwig's!!

    congrats one your new Luddies... she's gorgeous!
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    Best snare cases.... especially for a 14x8

    Thank you for the suggestion! I appreciate it! :thumbup:
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    Who's making LOUD drums for ROCK these days?

    according to VK, that kit weighs around 550lbs... gonna need several roadies... my back hurts just looking at it! beautiful kit though.
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    Best snare cases.... especially for a 14x8

    I have a Oriollo coming. I'm thinking either going custom ATA route or your way... I have a few Pelican cases and I love them. really well made and the "pick and pluck" foam system is awesome. not sure why I didn't think of that solution sooner.
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    Best snare cases.... especially for a 14x8

    I have a set of SKB cases for my kit that I've been using for the past 20+ years. never had a problem. well padded on all sides... still holding up well. been very happy with them. Just recently ordered a 14x8 cast bell bronze snare so in anticipation of this I ordered me a SKB "padded" case...
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    Remo vs Aquarian vs Evans vs Attack vs Others

    I play whatever my drumstore has in stock in my size. I usually use thinner 2ply head batter and single ply clears on the bottom. I'm more picky about my reso head though. My 1st choice is evans G1 but again if they are out, I go remo. Evans seem to last a little longer for whatever reason...
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    To Port Or Not To Port

    I play ported, off center.
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    The Nylon vs. wood debate!

    I play rock/metal and prefer wood tip. just feels better. might not have the bright cut of nylon but I like that. marks on my heads don't bother me much... don't like dings though.
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    Oriollo Snare Build

    not usually into staggered lugs setup but that one is very nice. that is one gorgeous snare! congrats!
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    Oriollo Phantom Kit Demo

    drums sound fantastic! it seems very sensitive... response to even the lightest touch... awesome playing!