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    Fibes Shell Bank !!

    Wow - great kit!!
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    ‘70s Milestone drums: How to clean fibreglass shells?

    Great find! Sizes are 24", 13", 16" and 18"?
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    Hip Buddy with Goatee 1975

    Thanks for that! Buddy having fun? While playing the drums? I think I prefer "Mirror, Mirror" Buddy!!! Cheers
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    Ginger Baker Interview: Let you decide...

    I have not read all of the comments in this thread - forgive me if my comments are repetitive. The biggest problem that Ginger Baker has is that he has survived (unlike a lot of his peers) past his prime. For ads, like the one Max Weinberg answered for the E Street Band, to include "No Ginger...
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    Custom Full Dress Bop Kit

    I have been feeling the same way, my changes have been hardware wise (spurs, tom mounting mostly). I was hung up on the resale value and going thru gear because I wouldn't do what I needed done for it to perform the way I needed and wanted it to!
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    A bad transaction

    I have read this whole thread and for it to be as civil as it is speaks well of the community here. My thoughts are 1) both parties think they made a fair deal 2) some people overvalue what they are selling 3) some people think that everyone follows the golden rule (I do, as do most here) 4)...
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    Realized what I'm not digging w/my new band

    Between work and family most of us have very little free (me) time. I am not in a band now but the last one I was in before I moved has been together for about 12 years and I was a part of it for 6 years in the middle. I have boxes I need to check off - good tunes, good people, good money or...
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    Netflix...The Dewey Cox story

    Dewey - "It's a song about holdin' hands!" Preacher - "You know who as hands? The Devil !! And he uses them for holdin' !!"
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    Netflix...The Dewey Cox story

    Tim Meadows plays the drummer. For any music buff, this movie has a lot of hilarious scenes!
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    Fun with vinyl printer/cutter

    Looks great!
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    The orphanage - drums to complete your set

    Looking for Sonor force 2005 8" and 14" toms in wax cherry fade.
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    Sonor Force 2005 8" and 14" toms

    Looking for Sonor Force 2005 toms in wax cherry fade 8" and 14". Ideally up top, realistically --- looking for these toms in birch so 2005,2007, essential - any wax finish, always price motivated, just the shells, whatever, I'm easy.....
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    Milestone/Tempus drums update

    It's a shame that a once revered brand has gone this way. Bill is a very nice man and the shells I received from him were very well built. I'm waiting on lugs (not Milestone) for the 13" and the 14" will be a project for later. They needed a standard configuration in a few standard colours for...
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    Sold Ludwig Phaser 9 kit

    Well, now my phasers are set to stunned!! Great looking kit! GLWS
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    Rogers Script Badge

    Wow! Covers a lot of bases!!