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    Bass drum spur choices for a new kit?

    I've been pondering the same question for a build. I have a few Jenkins-Martin kits with INDe hardware. Fabulous drums and I appreciate the design elements Josh has put forth. In this instance, aesthetics may be playing a more significant role for me than usual, so I am looking at the different...
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    My Ludwig Classic Maples

    Classic Maples are fantastic drums - sound as good as any kit I've come across regardless of price.
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    Bass practice pad

    I love the Prologix Thunderkick, well worth the money in my view. I put together a fantastic practice set-up in my living room using that, a few Aquarian Superpads and a small set of Zildjian low-volume cymbals.
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    Paiste 14" Signature Dark Crisp Hi-Hat Cymbals (Pair)

    Paiste 14" Signature Dark Crisp Hi-Hat Cymbals (Pair) Picked these up a short time ago from fellow DFO member Bbunks to give these Signature models a try, but am sticking with the 602 ME series for my 14" hats. It's obvious Bill took good care of these instruments - no issues or concerns...
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    Attn. Drum Center Cincinnati!!!! (Or someone who knows him-them.)

    pm sent regarding same
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    15x12 floor toms?

    As a general rule, floor toms start at 15" for me (12/15/20 set-ups mostly). Although I do not have any 12x15, I have several 13x15 and would have no qualms with a 12x15. I've had no problems with head availability.
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    Storing your cymbals

    The K&M 17541 Acoustic Guitar Stand works great for me: Holding 1 - 24", 1 - 22", 4 - 20", 2 - 18", and 2 - 15" rear of stand - hard rubber cover over the joint locking opening angle adjustment - very stout profile view
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    How Would YOU Customize a Craviotto Kit?

    I went with full BB edges only on bass drum and just the batter side of a 15" floor tom. I would not want that much head contact on smaller drums. 30s all-around should be fine as well. I'd stay away from t-rods on any kit unless the aesthetic takes precedence. Don't know who does the lacquer...
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    Modern Essentials - a 2nd look

    Still my overall favorites rides and hats - both sizes - I typically don't care for 20" rides, but the 602 ME works for me nicely with the 14" hats in a smaller set-up. The 22" ride and 15" hats are my absolute go-to pair though and I expect will be for good. Crashes - wish they were a tad...
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    Check out SoundPure in NC - contact Barry Knain - great service for many years with significant discounts over Sweetwater's typical pricing and no sales tax charged. Everyday pricing is right up there with Interstate Music's old coupon code flash sales.
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    Hiromi - Steve Smith & Anthony Jackson

    If I recall correctly from an interview with Steve Smith, it's basically Simon's gig and Steve subs from time to time. He does mention it is challenging. Obviously Steve and Simon bring slightly different approaches and takes to the table - I've enjoy hearing/seeing Hiromi with both equally -...
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    Summit vs. N&C

    Both approaches are perfectly valid - having the requisite knowledge and correct execution is key. N&C is a great company but it would be disingenuous to suggest only N&C''s approach is tried and proven. N&C will tell you some woods are significantly more difficult to bend than others. I...
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    SOLD! Ludwig 1967 5x14 Acrolite snare drum (lower price)

    Yep, here is the quote: "The Ludwig Acrolite shell made between 1966 and 1968. These are different for a reason told to me by Wm Ludwig Jr. He was right. They are the best." from here:
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    Summit vs. N&C

    N&C bends the lumber while fresh, green - very shortly after it's locally harvested. Summit (and Craviotto) steam kiln-dried lumber, so a different approach that affords different options.
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    Ludwig U.S. price list

    You need the version of Ludwig's Outfitter sheet (Excel spreadsheet format) that contains Retail and MAP pricing. PM me for a version that may be slightly outdated, but will hopefully get you in the ballpark. you can spec your kit and get MAP pricing before contacting a dealer. Shop around for...