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  1. dmrsmith

    Where you are spending your time

    Well I figured since I’m house bound for a while, why not try to setup three kits in my one tiny practice space in the corner of my basement. Gives me some variety I guess to keep things a little less monotonous.
  2. dmrsmith

    Long time lurker - first time poster

    I’ve kinda mixed and matched from the Traditional and Masters lines with some 602s for good measure. I’ve cycled through a number of different models from each line over the past number of years. These days I’ve ended up with a couple of configurations that cover the country/rock/etc and...
  3. dmrsmith

    Thoughts and opinions on Sonor Vintage Series Drums?

    Add me to the group singing the praises of these instruments. I have been enjoying my Vintage series kit(s) for quite some time now. I was initially in the market for a Gretsch kit, but was coerced into trying out the Vintage kit on the floor of the local music store. I have the Vintage Onyx...
  4. dmrsmith

    Long time lurker - first time poster

    Well thanks for the welcome folks, and I’m well aware of the temptation this place provides for the GAS afflicted. And being an Irish Newfie, we’re kinda bred to shoot the BS...especially with a few pints :) I mean what else is there to do all winter but get together, play music and enjoy life...
  5. dmrsmith

    Your favorite underrated lines of drums.

    I had a Taye ProX kit for many years that was made well, sounded great, and endured endless abuse while hosting a blues jam. Other than some issues with the snare stand basket, it served well for almost a decade.
  6. dmrsmith

    Most You Ever made One single gig.

    Last year I was fortunate enough to play the Sunrise Festival in Inuvik NWT - waaaaay past the arctic circle - officially the most northern I have ever been. Fly in, gig, fly out next day and expenses paid for $1000 in my pocket.
  7. dmrsmith

    Have you had any gigs cancelled?

    Most of the live music venues around me are closed or in the process. Two studio bookings are up in the air and waiting for rescheduling. March/April calendars have been cleaned out.
  8. dmrsmith

    Long time lurker - first time poster

    Hey all, been a member throughout the various iterations of the forum over many years (even over at the defunct cymbalholic). I haven't been all that active, generally just reading and trying to glean information when I can. With all the changes coming/in progress I figured this would as good...