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  1. Tama CW

    Don't you hate it when your drum kit shows up for sale on CL..... and you were the last to know??

    And 24 hrs later, Craig's List is still letting that ad run. I'm not surprised.
  2. Tama CW

    Finally found a 60’s Slingerland Bop kit to buy

    Wow. Makes all of our Slingy bops worth more a bit more. Congrats on your purchase.
  3. Tama CW

    Finally found a 60’s Slingerland Bop kit to buy

    For value comparisons figure out what the most each drum is worth on its own....add them up. Compare to what a similar (and more common) Ludwig kit would bring. Typically Slingerlands are around 60-65% the price of a comparable Ludwig. Be fussy. It's your money. Way different market...
  4. Tama CW

    Don't you hate it when your drum kit shows up for sale on CL..... and you were the last to know??

    Imagine my surprise when going through some CL listings last night to find my own drum kit for It seems some "motivated" scammer lifted 2 photos out of the February Ebay auction where I got the kit from. The 2 photos were part of the last owner's listing. Listing price is...
  5. Tama CW

    never mind

    Here's the issue. Someone has to absorb the 6.4% Reverb/PP fees, 5-9% state sales tax, and shipping ($15-$35 typical). I have a 22" A Zildjian vintage thin ride cymbal up for $135 (<2500 gm). Such a cymbal is really worth in the $125-$150 range....but doesn't mean you can end up with...
  6. Tama CW

    DRUM Magazine Reveals Acoustic-Only Drummers are Piloting a Horse-and-Buggy in the Jet Age

    Why don't we have hybrid guitar, piano, trumpet, sax, string bass? The technology must be there. Why bother to learn how to play a difficult hand/fingered instrument if you can just push buttons instead? Apparently the full acoustic must offer something that hybrids and electronics cannot...
  7. Tama CW

    Letterman - Are those your drums?

    He has a pretty darn good press roll.
  8. Tama CW

    Gretsch Progressive Jazz

    It was in central NJ on Craig's List for a couple months. Surprisingly only me and another guy expressed interest....and I had too many kits to buy another and the bass drum color mis-match was a bit bothersome. It was originally posted at $600. They guy got so many phone calls he knew...
  9. Tama CW

    At what point do made-in-Taiwan/China drums become cool?

    I agree RCulberson. Made in Taiwan Yamaha's (1977-1982) were outstanding drums. As were the identically Made In Japan drums of that same period. The world starting waking up to Taiwan/Japanese quality. Tama was right on their heels too. And by 1982 Yamaha exploded on the scene with...
  10. Tama CW

    Drum Center of Portsmouth - PENDING Experience

    Sometimes the return shipping is too excessive to return an item, especially a drum. Another opportunity to damage the item as well. In many cases when factoring in a possible return on an item/listing that was not as described or parts were's just not worth it to send back...
  11. Tama CW

    Rosewood Superstar 6.5x14

    Thin Shell, I have seen that "second" badge once before as well on a local Superstar kit CL ad mid-last year. But didn't know what to make of it....added or fake or real? I was clear that the extra badge had no vent hole. I had never seen one like that before. But, wasn't sure I might not...
  12. Tama CW

    Zildjian K set plus a sabian splash

    The Whale, I clearly posted on the link above to their last SOLD set of these. And mentioned they have a CURRENT set for sale today at $719. It is linked below. This is a K800 Pack in standard sizes, exactly what I said was available for $700-$720 in my first post. And you clearly stated...
  13. Tama CW

    Zildjian K set plus a sabian splash

    I know you didn't. But another member in this thread was stating my information was incorrect. Just trying to put out useful information on current market.
  14. Tama CW

    Zildjian K set plus a sabian splash

    .............I bought 14 hats, 16, 18, 20 K0800 "demo" pack in 2018 from Cascio Interstate Music for $719 delivered. I have a screen shot of that transaction if you have any doubts. And there were several other retailers/drum shops in that $695-$730 price range....but none offering a warranty...
  15. Tama CW

    Zildjian K set plus a sabian splash

    Your "competition" are on line dealers who sell once demo'd K packs (14 hats, 16,18,20) for $700-$720 shipped. Those are essentially brand new. But with sales tax now being added on Ebay, those run a net $760....and come with a warranty in most cases....and a return privilege. Competing for...
  16. Tama CW

    Rosewood Superstar 6.5x14

    Every 1977-1986 Tama concert tom I've ever seen (and I've owned about 40 of them) has had the wide rectangular badge with a single nail hole on each side. They also don't state the model line of the drum (ie Superstar, Imperialstar, etc.). The square "T" badges like the OP has are placed on...
  17. Tama CW

    Rosewood Superstar 6.5x14

    Only addressing the badge, it's a post 1984 style badge with the "slanted" T. Interesting that the grommet covers part of where a serial number would be. That certainly wouldn't be normal. So either the grommet is flared too wide, it's too big, or the badge is a reproduction? It would...
  18. Tama CW


    Drum flipper and set parter-outer that is not known for pricing anything too reasonable at first.....if you get my drift. Avon, CT. Though if he has something for months and months, eventually the price comes down somewhat.
  19. Tama CW

    Rare Cymbal?

    I would think any vintage paper thin 12-15" Zildjian 30's to 50's with rivets added would accomplish the same thing. Those are soft as butter and the cymbal will bend in your hand. I have a number of 13 to 15 inch paper thins with rivets....sounding somewhat like that. Heavier and numerous...