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  1. exliontamer

    The Jerry Allison Appreciation Club

    He's an architect. He invented, juxtaposed, & contextualized ideas that had never been done before. It's easy to take these things for granted when the influencer never got as much recognition as the people they influenced. Here's to Jerry and that entire crew. I know you people from Texas have...
  2. exliontamer

    Vintage Tama Imperialstar (new to me)

    This is possibly the worst drum picture ever posted on here but just wanted to share a new acquisition. I've lived with these for several days and I'm floored with how good they sound and respond. As you can see from the photo I like the flat packing blanket kick sound but, holy hell, does this...
  3. exliontamer

    Gretsch Anniversary Sparkle

    Hey all. I'm new here but have lurked and used the site for research & info for a while now. Just wanted to share a purchase I made this March. I always loved the sound of old round badge Gretsch kits and the romantic in me wanted a Jasper shelled one since I grew up 4 miles from the Jasper Wood...
  4. exliontamer

    Vintage Tama Imperialstar question

    Hello all. I've been shopping around for older Imperialstars and realized there are three shell types. Before I pull the trigger I'd like to get input from anyone that has real experience with them. The main things I'm wondering are if they're relatively comparable sonically. I'm guessing the...