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  1. icebone

    yamaha tour custom or beech custom 20" bass drum

    yes a needle in a haystack. Im looking for a black 20" bass drum from the 80's to go with my shell bank of 80's tour custom drums. piano black. Beech custom used the same lugs. Thanks be safe.
  2. icebone

    tama silverstar

    hello i have a tama antique birch bop kit 18,12,14 i really want to add more drums to it that match. thanks be safe.
  3. icebone

    closed got one yamaha tom post

    hello i need a yamaha tom post anybody have an extra ?
  4. icebone

    zildjian rock21

    hello im looking for an original rock 21 with the rock21 logo on it let me know Gary
  5. icebone

    ludwig thermogloss 24" hoop

    I have a single Ludwig 24" hoop from a thermogloss bass drum. Anyone need one ? not sure on a price but its clean and i do not need it any longer. Gary
  6. icebone

    yamaha 80's tour custom 12" tom

    looking for a yamaha 80's tour custom 12" tom in black .thanks
  7. icebone

    yamaha tour custom 80's 20x14 bass drum

    hello drummers I am looking for a yamaha tour custom 80's 20x14 bass drum, A beech custom the same size will work as well. Thanks
  8. icebone

    gretsch rosewood 16x16

    yes looking for a gretsch rosewood 16x16, thanks
  9. icebone

    yamaha tour custom 80's

    looking for a 14x20 bass drum. thanks. black would be great.
  10. icebone

    gretsch rosewood 22

    hi there wanting to trade a 14x22 gretsch rosewood bass drum for a 14x20 rosewood let me know
  11. icebone

    Gretsch 14x22 square badge bass drum

    80's 14x22 rosewood. bass drum. Factory pearl spurs and Yamaha tom post receiver. Sounds great looks good. 500.00. Obo plus shipping. I bought a 18x22 and it works better with my deeper toms. So this one has to go.
  12. icebone

    rogers cleveland era WMP

    Rogers WMP 22,13,16, 5x14 cob dynasonic. No cracks in the wrap, I got them from the original owner. who is going through a divorce. Been in a garage for 30 some years. They could use a little time spent tidying them up. The snare is great super clear and articulate. Im happy to send pix etc if...
  13. icebone


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  14. icebone

    gretsch 80's rosewood bass drum

    looking for a 18x22 or 16x22 rosewood bass drum or shell to replace my 14x22.
  15. icebone

    ludwig drum set

    ludwig Chicago era drum set. 12,13,16, 24. $800.00 plus shipping.
  16. icebone

    yamaha 80's tour custom 24'' bass drum

    hello i am needing a yamaha tour custom 84-86 black 24'' bass drum. the longer lugs and a lacquer finish. any depth is fine. let me know and thanks IN ADVANCE !!! FERGUSON
  17. icebone

    slingerland magnum bass drum mount

  18. icebone


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  19. icebone

    ludwig toms

    8x10,8x12 natural maple, monroe badge post modular era. 399.00 excellent condition.
  20. icebone

    ludwig 24 thermogloss hoop

    hello looking for a late 70's 24'' bass drum hoop natural color or thermogloss. let me know !!!