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  1. exliontamer

    The Jerry Allison Appreciation Club

    He's an architect. He invented, juxtaposed, & contextualized ideas that had never been done before. It's easy to take these things for granted when the influencer never got as much recognition as the people they influenced. Here's to Jerry and that entire crew. I know you people from Texas have...
  2. exliontamer

    The old Cast vs Triple-flange debate

    I suspect all of us were brainwashed at least a little bit by seeing those R.I.M.S. ads with cardboard boxes and living through an era where every company was trying to have the best proprietary suspension system. Fact is, I've played BIG R Rogers and Pearls where a gigantic metal arm is...
  3. exliontamer

    Tama Bell Brass Bearing Edge?

    I've used my father in law's a lot and it has 45ish edge going in. It's still a thin shell despite it's only Thor can pick it up weight so it's hard for me to tell if it's exactly a 45 but it's a sharp edge. It's one of the few rare/expensive/hyped things that I've played that I feel lives up to...
  4. exliontamer

    Jack DeJohnette with the Bill Evans Trio 1968

    Thanks for the tip! This stuff I listened to was sick. Bill is such a unique player. No drums, but The Conversations With Myself record is something else too.
  5. exliontamer


    Road cases are an obsolete item that I took up to my attic the other day. The day I get to take them down again will be a day that dancing, singing, and gathering in public is a thing that can happen. Until that day they are out of sight and out of mind. Aside from that my favorites for drums...
  6. exliontamer

    which ludwig badge are you picking?

    I'm curious if there are some semi-quantifiable patterns with preference for these badges. I viewed overt branding as very tacky when I was in my formative years and it's influenced my tastes as an adult. I love clothes & dressing up(though Covid has me more into elastic waists and Teva sandals)...
  7. exliontamer

    which ludwig badge are you picking?

    I promise I'm not being contrarian. I just really think these are the best sounding drums they made. To be fair, I've never been crazy about their kits other than those late 50s WFLs, which are silly nice to my ears, but as far as snare drums go the best one I have ever played or owned(that's a...
  8. exliontamer

    The Hunt Sales Story - Part I

    The man is a legend for "Lust For Life" alone. Any beat that can have that much swagger and power coming out of your phone speakers involved the hands and mind of a golden Greek god. I'd put the entire Lust For Life record as one of the finest statements of inspired drumming, great writing(Iggy...
  9. exliontamer

    Let's talk about pedals!

    That last part is so dead on for me. Tooting my own horn a bit, I actually have a steady/fast right foot but it's not something that really gets used or that I want to hear for 98% of what I play on. It's taken me 27 years of playing to figure out that looser than average spring tension and a...
  10. exliontamer

    OT: Your Favorite Sylvester Stallone Movie

    Rocky, hands down. It's incredible in every way no matter how I look at it. Even the most random lines like when he's in the pet store trying to make conversation with Adrian and he looks at the parakeets and says, "Deez birds...they look like flyin' candy" are so good. They get successively...
  11. exliontamer

    Carl Palmer and the 50 Worst Acts in Music History

    Yes! Also the band Yes is a good example of that. One could argue that The Beatles career was built on them refusing to do the song George Martin suggested as their first single and recording Love Me Do. Rush made 2112 in defiance. I have no issue if people want to pander to be popular and I...
  12. exliontamer

    If you could only have two.... snares that is.

    What is that monster at the bottom because I have money burning a hole in my pocket and I want it.
  13. exliontamer

    Looking for Remo CS smooth white heads - 13” & 16”

    Maaaaaaaybe call up Fork's Drum Closet in Nashville, TN. The vibe has changed a bit under Maxwell's ownership but they were always great about special ordering things like that in batches.
  14. exliontamer

    The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame "Hates Toto's Guts!"

    ABBA looks like a Swedish black metal band here. Just sayin'. Plus that riff on Voulez-Vous?!?
  15. exliontamer

    Rewrapping Gretsch RB Progressive jazz kit

    IF you actually have access to Starlight Sparkle wrap and you like that finish then do it. You're asking our opinions so here's mine. Starlight Sparkle is the finest sparkle finish to ever grace a drum set in the history of drum sets. Originality is already a moot selling point on a kit that's...
  16. exliontamer

    If you could only have two.... snares that is.

    Ludwig Supraphonic 5x14 Tama Bell Brass 6.5x14 (with the extended snares)
  17. exliontamer

    Making a home made video..any tips?

    Try to make sure there's someone that has a vision for the complete thing. The worst photo shoots and videos come from there being a bunch of people shrugging their shoulders and no one taking charge. I'm of the mindset that a camel is a horse designed by a committee. * Try to make sure...
  18. exliontamer

    Who’s Buying?

    That kit looks like a 6th grade boy designed it. What I'm trying to say is, I love it!!!
  19. exliontamer

    Vintage Tama Imperialstar (new to me)

    I'm very into Gretsch as well and I've been realizing that older Tama drums have a bit of that dry attack thing that Gretsch does. I don't like the phrase "poor man's" for a lot of reasons(mostly my issues with classism from having grown up poor) so I'll hesitate using that. I will say that...
  20. exliontamer

    The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame "Hates Toto's Guts!"

    Toto has been a ghost band on so many things and changed the entire studio scene and approach. Taking the R&R HOF for what it is(pomp, mythologizing, nostalgia, etc.), Toto absolutely deserves a spot. In terms of sheer influence on music in the widest and heaviest way possible, and yes I feel...