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  1. Browny

    Help me Rivet My Ride at Home

    I'm seriously considering getting the drill out on my 60s A, I use a promark sizzler on it >75% of the time anyway (but hate that it wants to lay in the 'strike zone' and if I hit it or get too much motion in the cymbal from a crash it can wrap around the wing nut). Looking at my local hardware...
  2. Browny

    The perfect all-purpose crashable ride

    I like my 22" 2500g 60s A. If it was a quieter or more relaxed gig I've got a 20" 1850g 50s (I think) A that would work well with a little piece of tape to get a little more stick out of it when riding.
  3. Browny

    Your favorite albums to play to? Recommendations welcomed.

    I had a couple of practice sessions doing that, putting the 3 'Ghosts' records by Nine Inch Nails in a playlist and hitting shuffle. Some of the tracks do have drums, either real or programmed, but they're closer to movie soundtrack themes than traditional songs, and it's not like I actually...
  4. Browny

    Size Conundrum - 14" & 16" floors or 16" & 18" floors?

    Do you want the 16" to be the main floor tom or the one you reach back every now and then to get the bigger sound? I figure if you're planning on having on the drums set up, the first floor is probably going to get hit easily double that of the second one. That being said, the 12-14-16 thing...
  5. Browny


    If they're feeling like they're in rough shape, losing tone/response/etc. Having a guess at current time on the kit: 26" has a coated P3 batter that must be a couple of years old now, although it's spent maybe 6 months of that in total off when I had a coated emp in it's place. Coated amb...
  6. Browny

    Your favorite albums to play to? Recommendations welcomed.

    Off the top of my head, these are some of the go-to records, depending on how I'm feeling and if I want it to be more of a relaxed jam along or try and stretch myself/get a work out. Queens of the Stone Age - Sings For The Deaf (Dave Grohl) The Mars Volta - De-Loused in the Comatorium [I'm not...
  7. Browny


    yeah, I do if I'm really getting into something and I'm not careful, the weird, low pitched humming/grunts start to surface.
  8. Browny


    Probably do my best Phil Rudd Back In Black impersonation, relentlessly playing the same slower tempo kick-snare-kick-snare beat from the first bar of drums (without the 'fill'/tag bit at the end) until he went insane, cracked the shits and stormed off.
  9. Browny

    How to escape the 8th note rock beat hole

    Sometimes I’ll drop a guitar part into GarageBand on my phone and try programming a the drums for something waaaay different, ie let’s put Cissy Strut underneath Nirvana-eque guitars. Then start changing the part to fit, move bass pattern to suit the melody and maybe some snare/hat accents need...
  10. Browny

    What are some of the Best Snare Drum Dampeners

    Depending on the vibe/muffling/effecting required or desired, any of these or some combinations: Gaffer tape flat pieces Gaffer tape tent/folded/bunched/etc Muffling rings (I’ve got the remo 1/2” & 1” rings) Gate muffler (usually a tape flap, maybe some extra tape or other material at head...
  11. Browny

    How to escape the 8th note rock beat hole

    I’ve got a playlist on my phone called ‘feel’. Pretty much every drummer that has given me some kind of significant inspiration is there. If I’m struggling for ideas (my band writes material where the guitar parts nearly always make me initially go to the same sort of part) then I’ll listen...
  12. Browny

    Suggestions on a 20-22 Ride that can be Crashed

    I’ll say the same thing I say in most cymbal threads I post in: Have a look for an old A in a weight that gives you the crash:ride balance you’re chasing. I’ve got a 20” 1850g and a 22” 2500g. The 20” is quite a light ride, very washy, amazing crash. The 22” has a more defined stick, is...
  13. Browny

    2021 Goals

    Get back in the rehearsal room consistently with the whole band for the first time since March. Play a gig. It’s been a while. After that, aim for some level of consistency in playing. Keep improving my time, feel, internal balance, and consistency of strokes (particularly backbeats)...
  14. Browny

    Beefier flat base cymbal stands

    I got the Pearl flat base stands. Not a pure classic flat base stand; the base can be flipped to a ‘normal’ single-braced configuration and the top section can be straight or boom out. I tried putting a 20” K medium in the Tama classics up at the approximate height I set my stands and wasn’t...
  15. Browny

    Happy Gretsch Progressive Jazz Day!

    Doesn't work as well outside of the states. Who lists their kits sizes as 14/12/20?! Not to mention it's already past 2pm on the 16th here...
  16. Browny

    Grrrrrrr bent drum head

    What condition was the box in? Any folds, creases, marks? As in, was it bent in shipping?
  17. Browny

    "Holds Its Tuning Well"

    Toms & bass are fine. Unless it's a recent head change they're pretty solid. Old lugs/rods/oversized shells though which may 'help' there. Snares back out under rimshots, both my reissue 6.5 Acro and my custom built Metro jarrah stave, but the Acro seems way worse. It's just one of those...
  18. Browny

    Would you buy a new Slingerland kit?

    If you compare a 6 ply maple shell with 3 ply maple re-rings and triple flange hoops to a 6 ply maple-gum straight shell with die cast hoops or a 9 ply beech straight shell with triple flange hoops you mind notice a bit of difference. It's ok to not like a particular sound, but saying they're...
  19. Browny

    Light / medium weight cymbal stands

    Or just grab something similar from the rack at the store. I tested a handful of stands with a 22" K Custom ride, knowing it was a touch heavier than either of my cymbals so it'd be a safe bet. Took me all of 5 seconds to scratch the Tama classic from the top of my list as it swayed around...
  20. Browny

    What if Slingerland would release a new drum today?

    Stream Queen