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  1. Moredrums

    My local drum shop lent me an A&F Royal set to test : )

    So the awesome guys at my local drum shop let me have an A&F set for about a week to play around and listen to what this guys in Austin are making. I must confess I'm a big fan of the looks of A&F, they are unique and have a really cool vibe. I got a 22, 16, 12 Royal Brass set, so I took it to...
  2. Moredrums

    Introduction and first question regarding Tama Star Maple

    Hi everyone, my name is Felipe, Im from Chile and drumming is my hobby, I think I should also say Im a collector in this matter. Im 34 y.o. and I started playing at 13, been on and off from it, but latelly and thanks to Corona I have been a lot more into it, taking lessons again and bulding...