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  1. Nubs

    Is all B20 the same?

    I don't know much about the cymbal making process (lathing, hammering, forming, etc.), but I know the ideal cymbals start with B20 bronze. Do all of the manufacturers use the same B20? Are there variants of B20? I'm not talking about B8, B10, etc. those are obviously different mixtures of...
  2. Nubs

    13" Bosphorus New Orleans Hi Hats 750g/950g

    Got a great deal on a set of 15s, so these are up for sale. In excellent condition with no fleas, cracks, or keyholing: $225 + shipping from the Houston area. I haven't recorded a sound demo, but they sound exactly like this:
  3. Nubs

    NGD - Yamaha Stage Custom Birch

    Ordered it and it arrived today: First impression: Excellent! This kit is WORLDS better than the Crush I was playing. The feel, sound, and look are all top notch, even with the stock heads (except bass drum). That bass drum has a great boomy, rounded sound to it with the Aquarian head on...
  4. Nubs

    POOP! I can't decide!!

    Well, I thought I wanted a Ludwig Neusonic and still may. But I just HAD to keep snooping around, and although I originally said I didn't want a drilled bass drum, these Yamaha Stage Custom Birches are starting to really interest me. Doing some initial research, they receive a lot of very...
  5. Nubs

    Pedal Slippage

    Last night when I was playing, I noticed my foot keeps sliding down my bass drum pedal. I find myself needing to move it back up often. Same thing with the hi-hat pedal. Any suggestions? I have a Tama HP50 and the Classic HH stand. I tried scooching the throne closer, but that didn't seem to...
  6. Nubs

    Zildjian, Bosphorus, Istanbul for sale - Nothing over $200

    Got 4 cymbals I'm looking to move: 20” Zildjian K Custom Dry Ride - $200 18” Bosphorus Oracle Crash - $200 20” Bosphorus New Orleans Ride with rivets - $200 13” Istanbul...
  7. Nubs

    2 for 1 deal - Zildjian, Bosphorus, Istanbul for Kerope Ride or similar

    I currently have 4 listings on Reverb for various cymbals (listed below). I'm willing to trade any 2 of them for a 22" Kerope ride or something of similar quality/value. 20” Zildjian K Custom Dry Ride - $225 18” Bosphorus Oracle Crash - $200...
  8. Nubs

    DW Design or Ludwig Neusonic

    Which would you get and why? I'm seriously considering either one and am torn. Both sound great from the video demos I've seen and both obviously look fantastic. Both are made in USA and have similar price points (around $1000 USD). I mess around in different genres with focus on classic rock...
  9. Nubs

    Sexy new cymbals

    I didn't want Zs. Anything else would have worked. But when I saw this Con ride listed for a virtual steal, I just had to get it: Then they just HAD to blow out K crashes, so of course I had to get one of those too: Both sound and feel top-notch! Love the sizzles on the ride and it's...
  10. Nubs

    20" Zildjian K Custom Dry Ride - REDUCED

    From the 90s I believe...not sure. It's a nice ride, but too heavy for me. The bell weight reads 2820g and has a nice, dry ping to it. See pics and video below: $225 + shipping from the Houston area.
  11. Nubs

    Which color?

    Ok I pretty much have my mind made up that I'm going to get a Ludwig Classic Maple 20/12/14 as my next kit. The question is, which color? I'm glad to see that model comes in so many shades, but I know it's going to be hard to settle on just 1 color. First, let's get what I don't want out of the...
  12. Nubs

    Meinl Pure Alloy

    Been searching for another set of cymbals and these caught my attention. I like the traditional look of this line and from the sound clips, they sound pretty nice too! I'm digging the glassy ping sound from the ride and the hats sound as they should. I play mostly classic rock & blues with a...
  13. Nubs

    8DN Sticks

    Anyone heard of these or tried them? I came across them on Amazon while shopping for regular sticks, so I bought a pair. They look & feel the same as 7A sticks but are about 1/2" longer.
  14. Nubs

    New Gear - Snare and Crash

    Got both a new snare in and a new crash. I've been playing on 12" and 10" snares for so long, I forgot how large a proper 14" snare is! It's a 14" x 6.5" Pork Pie Custom Brass Patina Snare. Fantastic looking and sounding! And I traded a crash for a crash. This is an 18" Bosphorus Oracle...
  15. Nubs

    Anyone else's snare their smallest drum?

    Was thinking about this over the weekend. As my kit sits, it's 10" snare, 12" tom, 14" tom, 20" bass: Anyone else have their snare as the smallest?
  16. Nubs

    Playing shuffles

    As a former rock drummer trying to play other genres like blues, the fast shuffle is the BANE of my playing. For the life of me, I just can't get the hi-hat part down consistently. Of course I could play a quarter note hat or ride on top, but that's kinda cheating. Anything faster than about...
  17. Nubs

    Ludwig Black Magic

    Anyone own one? I'm looking at the 14x5.5 version: Thoughts? Opinions? Thanks.
  18. Nubs

    OT: AXS TV

    Anyone else into watching AXS TV? I saw the 2004 Bonnaroo yesterday and Steel Pulse was on there. The drummer was rippin' the s#!t!! Great channel!
  19. Nubs

    Yeah baby I got a 10” PP

    10” snare that is. This is my first PP and first 10” snare. I really dig the color and the sound of it! I got it tuned wayyyy up high so it’s got a great snappy crack sound to it: sound file coming soon.
  20. Nubs

    NCD - Istanbul Agop Xist Dark Crash

    Now this is a great crash! 17" dark with holes = short, trashy crash sound. I had a Trinity Holey Crash a while back and sold it with the rest of the cymbal pack. I immediately missed the sound these holy crashes produce so I had to get another one. Here's a video: