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  1. Skeet6

    Which Famous Musician Would You Bring Back To Life?

    Will he (or she) be all smelly and zombie-dead? Or like just "back to life"? If the latter, how long can he/she stay until the history of the world is irrevocably altered? Mike B
  2. Skeet6

    Istanbul Mehmet Nostalgia 14” hi hats

    I recently got a set of these 14 Nostalgia hi-hats in similar weights, through some ordering snafu at Sam Ash in CA on Reverb. I had ordered Agop - but somehow someone else got them. They offered me a set of these Nostalgia, and I love them. Great, delicate sound that can open up HUGE!!! Mike B
  3. Skeet6

    What’s your favorite recorded bass drum sound?

    I enjoyed this!! Thanks! Mike B
  4. Skeet6

    Anyone else having issues with the USPS right now?

    Probably has something to do with your continued attempts to make the discussion political. It says right under the header for this forum "Introductions and chit-chat and general topics, NO Politics and NO Religion." Mike B
  5. Skeet6


    They cut them afterward. See vid below (cued). Mike B
  6. Skeet6


    My bet is someone cut back an existing wrap sometime before they were refinished as natural finish. Mike B
  7. Skeet6

    So the "Soul" Soundtrack Is Made-Up Disney Jazz? And People Like It?

    My wife and I watched it tonight. I liked it, as did she. Weird? Yeah. I liked it anyway. I agree that he learned that playing so that you (alone) get in the zone doesn't help the band as a whole; whether or not Disney meant to highlight that, I saw it. I liked the trombone girl, I wish she had...
  8. Skeet6

    Buy all three of my CDs for $10 [UPDATED: see most recent post]

    $10 inbound from PA. Thanks! Mike B
  9. Skeet6

    OT: Selling CDs at shows

    Weekly, LOL. I have an awesome collection that gets better all the time! :blob8: Mike B
  10. Skeet6

    Gretsch 125th Anniversary Cadillac Green

    I love this. Congrats! Mike B
  11. Skeet6

    Another Buddy Video, 1971 with Fibes snare in action!

    Incredible. Not at ALL a formulaic Buddy solo, of which I have hundreds. He is truly amazing. And yes! Fibes. :) Mike B
  12. Skeet6

    Study of Gretsch Round Badge "Born Together" Sets

    Neat! Sent you an email with my SN's as well on a born together set. Mike B
  13. Skeet6

    Going all coated single-ply on a kit

    Now, the kit will sound as it should have all along. :headbang: Mike B
  14. Skeet6

    What's the Worst Band Name You "Inherited"?

    The Oh-needers, LOL! Great movie. We had one band in the early 90's - "29 Toes". (Yeah, the bass player was missing one, LOL). I admit to coming up with that name, it turned to 39 Toes before disbanding. I still have a fiber case with it stenciled. :oops: Mike B
  15. Skeet6

    Hand Selection of Sticks vs. Ordering Sticks Online and/or Buying "Bricks"

    Chris, I played Vater Manhattan and 5a wood tips for years. Very consistent, I rarely rejected one even when I could hand-select them at LIDC Nyack. Years later, moving to the boonies, I was part of the Vic Firth teaching program at my music school and began playing their AJ1 and AS5A. Mail...
  16. Skeet6

    Throw-off location while snare is on stand.

    9 o'clock. Been that way since 1975, because that is what I was taught... LOL Mike B
  17. Skeet6

    Has this Video been posted before? Louie Bellson - Skin Deep [July 1994] It should have been!

    I remember watching this (and taping it) that night. As above, Louie was just the nicest guy. Met him at the Blue Note (late 90's?) after a show, I thanked him for the inspiration over the years, and that I was thankful to finally have seen him play up close. I remember that he asked me about my...
  18. Skeet6

    The Official Mitch Mitchell isolated drum thread

    So great! Mike B
  19. Skeet6

    By-Tor and the Snow Dog

    Actually, it kinda shows me that all the toms weren't necessary. I usually wont watch "cover" videos, but love the song. Great job, Masecar! Mike B
  20. Skeet6

    Repair Question

    As above. Shoe repairman will have that fixed up in a jiffy. (and cleaned!!) Mike B