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    Signature Agop Rides

    Yes, definitely more variety before. Was cool to even find lightly hammered bells on some Sigs. :-) And I kind of miss it (especially patinas/laquered finishes that could go really crazy sometimes - the blueish-black or super dark OM's...). My way "around it" have been to custom order in...
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    Signature Agop Rides
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    Signature Agop Rides

    Ageing Agop's can be a bit tricky. Some series change logo (the OM, for example) and that makes it a bit easier to at least narrow it down. Some you have to go by design (profile, lathing, hammering, weight...), as with the 30th's. But can't say exact year, more like "generation" or "iteration".
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    Signature Agop Rides

    That's right. I actually bought one Sig. 22" custom from him (was around 23xxg), as well as a crazily thin Sig. 22" at 1735g... Currently have an early Sig. 22" at 2317g (with those elusive serial numbers) and used to own a 22" at 1950g that was dry, dark but couldn't hear it when things got loud.
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    How man rivets do you like in a cymbal ?

    Depends on the cymbal. Some have 1, others have 2, 3, all the way up to 5 (lazy not to write 4, but that's too even - and also there's different rivet types, so depends on that as well). Some have none: only hole present is the center hole, and just no point in putting a rivet there, right...
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    Signature Agop Rides

    Today's Sigs. are different. Not necessarily "worse". I prefer the earlier ones though. As pointed out: more variety back then. I've had maybe six or seven different 22" Sigs. (and a 4 year old kid's weight of other Sig. sizes...). Two of them were newer production Medium's. Too "normal" for...
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    Any NAMM rumors?

    Been trying to convince Istanbul Agop to release a 40th Anniversary set (at least a ride)... Something a bit heavier, 2350-2650g. Because 2021 is all about definition. Looks like some kind of "Traditional Jazz" line (at least 14", 20", 22" sizes) will come out in 2021. Looking at the logos...
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    Jazz Reading

    My latest reads: Idris Muhammad's Inside The Music: The Life Of Idris Muhammad (2012). Matt Brennan's Kick It: A Social History of the Drum Kit (2020). Enjoyed reading Ashley Kahn's Kind of Blue: The Making of a Musical Masterpiece (2007)
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    Anyone playing a 26?

    Had a 26" Istanbul Agop Signature ride. Loved to play set it up as only cymbal (except hats) with my 12"x16" Gretsch USA bass drum. I mean, the equation is: keep your ride cymbal 10" larger than your bass drum, right? Might actually work if you play 18"-20" bass drums... Get one of those...
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    Istanbul Agop Xist dark dry

    Owned a 22" ride, 22" and 13" crash and a pair of 13" hi hats. All sold. I felt they lacked soul. Character, yes, but too artificial/generic. Also, due to the heavy hammering, they can be a bit bent. The 22" ride plays - at best and if you REALLY want it - like a first generation "luxury"...
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    Opinions about 22" Agop Sultan Jazz Ride?

    Yes, I have owned both the Sultan Jazz and Regular, as well as same distinction in the Turk (difference between them besides weight is most notable, as said above, bell size and hammered bells vs. unhammered bell). Most recently custom ordered a 22" Turk (not jazz) on the lighter side (asked...
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    Hutch Interviews Funch

    It was a fun talk to watch. Interesting to hear Lasse's journey, and also fun to watch Greg's attitude :-) Most interesting part, I feel, is how "jazz centered" cymbal talk can get (yes, it's such a huge part of the genre(s), so, well, guess that's an obvious...). But, was interesting to hear...
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    Hutch Interviews Funch

    I believe you are referring to Lasse Schjerning.
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    2021 new products

    Been trying to convince Istanbul Agop to release a 40th Anniversary set (at least a ride)... Something a bit heavier, 2350-2650g. But... looks like some kind of "Traditional Jazz" line (at least 14", 20", 22") will come out in 2021. Looking at the logos, bells, hammering and lathing, it will be...
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    Ed Blackwell history/groove

    UPDATE: his name is Gérard Faroux. Can be heard here: A fine player! Like a mix of Blackwell and Philly Joe Jones. Also here: Just listened to this program and got curious about this guy named Gérard (Féraud? Feyroux?) being interviewed here, from 0:47 and on. Anyone know what happened to...
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    What might replicate this?

    If not a 22" Kerope sans patina, then go for perhaps an 22" Agop OM without patina, and do some hammering on the (much smaller) bell?
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    Experiences with Agop's Epochs?

    Yep, owned one. This exact one too be specific: As with most Agop's, you really need to try before you buy. Sold mine. A bit too, hmm, special. Worked wonders in a piano trio format, with a sizzler on it. Decent crash, but the profile and weight add trashiness. Bell is small, too small to be...
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    WTB - 15” Matt Chamberlain Hi Hats Istanbul Agop

    They do pop up on Reverb every now and then. Saw a pair this summer. Wait and you will find. If you want to go for something similar-ish, custom order a pair of lighter 15" Agop Turk hats from for example Tony at Cymbals Only - Agop won't make them with the last surface layer, bells will be...
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    Looking for dark, thin, large crash or ride sugesstions

    I know you ask for Zildjian, but these might interest you - or not. Then you know :-) Would add an Istanbul Agop 24" Traditional Dark Crash also to the trio played below (just search Youtube and you'll see/hear how one sounds). As with all cymbals, best to try before you buy: Hope you find...
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    Istanbul Agop Signature with serial number

    Not mine (I have one with serial number that’s quite a bit heavier than this, though):