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    Show us your Custom/Boutique drums!

    Diggin that parrot logo!
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    Who is the one bassist you would love to jam with?

    Duck Dunn! RIP
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    Thoughts on Gretsch Catalina walnut/maple kit with wood hoops?

    They sound great. Price range?
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    Ludwig Cavern Club set

    And its for sale?
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    Have you had a "dry spell" of drumming?

    Ive had several dry spells,longest was 7 yrs. Life takes us in interesting directions. Right now,i havent played a band for over a yr and a half but keepin up what chops i have as a pocket player. Tuning snares and kits i enjoy,shoulda been a drum tech. Not really too concerned about the band...
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    Have you had a "dry spell" of drumming?

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    Ludwig Cavern Club set

    I had the Downbeat kit of the Clubdate SE series,they were cherry and poplar w roundover edges,sounded enormous but the burgandy spark wrap was thin and bubbled on me badly from an outdoor gig. Cavern Clubs were the same. Still would like a 13,16,22 of them.
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    Drum ID on isle 3, please.

    Snag em! Rogers!
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    Just wanted to post a pic of my dog.....

    My buddy Astro,RIP.11 y.o. Second Cardigan Welsh Corgi. Love corgis,active when youre active, mellow when you're mellow. Pedro is my current quarantine roommate now. 18y.o.,been with me 4 yrs
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    Ludwig Supraphonic 14x6.5 ( last call for sale $480 shipped))

    Beautiful snare! GLWYS
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    DRUM Magazine Reveals Acoustic-Only Drummers are Piloting a Horse-and-Buggy in the Jet Age

    I agree,my buddy has a large hybrid kit with a big ass P.A.,it sounds great,he loathes everytime he gigs to lug it around. After 3 yrs of that,he just settled for a kit like Vista's picture, small ,efficient yet still kicks! Myself,im like CC,acoustic works for me. I dont get laid though! Lol
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    What In The World!

    Yes,that crossed my mind. They wouldnt repaint the interior, would they?
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    What In The World!

    There was a tv show called What in the World when i was a kid. Archeological experts would put their heads together and explain what a specific archeological find was and how it was used. Loved it as a kid. Anyway,i got this 20" bass,years ago. I see Ludwig lugs,Ludwig claws,Ludwig bass mount...
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    OT: Positive Experiences From "All Of This"....

    Well,yeah...! Lol
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    Anyone hate to watch videos of themselves play? I do!

    I thought i was the only one that looked like a large mouth bass when i play! Lol
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    I have Gone Full Circle on Bass Drum Pedals. Here's my Truth

    I understand about the studio Fleetwood,well put BTW. Solid on one for sure,no fancy footwork just solid and comfy for everyone.
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    Snare Suggestions?

    6.5 BBs are killer! The Sensis are good workhorses, owned 3 at one time.
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    Glad I changed my mind on selling this one......boy that would of been bad.

    You mean like this? My 3rd one! My main snare! Punch, projection,articulate! Glad youre not doing it! Pawn shop buy: $140
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    This drum on Amazon is ready for your finish

    It looks great! Nicely done!
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    Who are your 5 fav drummers?

    Al Jackson Jim Keltner Steve Jordan Alan White Jay Belarose Thats a start!