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    Kick pedals for Radio King

    Hello All, I figured Id ask you folks because much to my benefit you seem to know it all! I have a 50s Radio King. The kick is 22 and I am using a Pearl Eliminator. What Im finding is the space between both bottom lugs is a few cm shorter that what Id like for my pedal which causes one of the...
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    Can anyone reccomend a drum instructor in Stamford CT

    Hello - I'm looking for a drum instructor in Stamford, CT, or someone within Fairfield County that would be willing to come Stamford for private lessons. Would be grateful for any recommendations. Thanks! TM
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    1950's Slingerland Radio King - floor tom suggestions?

    Hello All! I am new to this forum, and love reading your wonderful advice. I recently purchased this blue sparkle 1950's Slingerland Radio King. I purchased the snare separately, and it is dated 1958 and I'm assuming not too far off from the date of the kit (even though the badges are...