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  1. dilbertfan1

    Angel Hoops with Craviotto Snare

    Try this one: Everything but the wenge is my shop.
  2. dilbertfan1

    Angel Hoops with Craviotto Snare

    If you check out my Reverb site there are some smoking deals on snares right now!
  3. dilbertfan1

    Angel Hoops with Craviotto Snare

    The shop I manage, Donn Bennett Drum Studio, is the exclusive dealer for Angel Drums in the US. The pricing on the Angel website in incorrect. 13" snare hoops are $150 per pair, 14" hoops are $170 per pair. Not cheap, but far less than the $250 the site shows! When you consider these are being...
  4. dilbertfan1

    WTB- 1960s Keystone Badge Ludwig Supraphonic and Ludwig Acrolite

    This just came in today. Super high players grade. Lovely drum!
  5. dilbertfan1

    WTB: Yamaha Recording Custom shell pack w/22" BD Here is a great vintage one!
  6. dilbertfan1

    Angel Drums Snares Only $350 Angel Hoops Only $99!

    That is precisely why for the US you contact me. I am handling all US orders. Thanks!
  7. dilbertfan1

    Angel Drums Snares Only $350 Angel Hoops Only $99!

    There has been some discussion here in the past about Angel Drums. I have found the quality to be top notch and I love the hoops and drums. So much so that I am proud to say Bennett Drums is their US distributor. If you’ve ever wanted to try them, now is the time. For Black Friday you can get...
  8. dilbertfan1

    Bennett Drums Black Friday & Saturday 15% Off Entire Purchase Up to $500 Savings

    Bump to the top for fresh eyes! Some great deals here!
  9. dilbertfan1

    Bennett Drums Black Friday & Saturday 15% Off Entire Purchase Up to $500 Savings

    Check out the Bennett Drums ad in Retail Row. 15% off your entire purchase over $200 up to a $500 savings! We must be mad! Keplinger snares, A&F, or Dunnett at 15% off? We have a bunch in stock. Want a custom DW...
  10. dilbertfan1

    Black Friday @ Bennett Drums, Bellevue, WA

    Crunch time! Lots of great deals here!
  11. dilbertfan1

    Craviotto or Noble & Cooley... Help me decide!

    Dark horse..... Ive had both Craviotto and N&C. Both were great. My recently acquired Joyful Noise is on another level altogether. Perfection.
  12. dilbertfan1

    Drumshops with large cymbal selections?

    In store in CA? Not much. If you want to try in store selection, a road trip up the coast to Rhythm Traders in OR, or Donn Bennett Drum Studio here in lovely Bellevue, WA is worth the trip. Donn's has over 200 Meinl, over 100 Istanbul Agop, 40 plus Bosphorus, 100 plus Zildjian, a ton of Sabian...
  13. dilbertfan1

    Show Off Your Entire Snare Collection

    Snare Drum List 1. Dunnett Titanium 6.5x14 Name: Porsche 2. Dunnett Stanton Moore SONO 4.75x14 Titanium Spirit Of New Orleans 3. Dunnett Dreamtime 7x14 Queensland Walnut Name: 4. Dunnett 6.5x14 2N brass Name: 5. Dunnett 5.5x14 2N stainless steel Name: Wesson 6. Mapex 4 5/8x14 Versatus Russ...
  14. dilbertfan1

    Donn Bennett's Drum Shop

    Thanks for the love guys! We are small, but we really do care, and I will always do my best to take care of people.
  15. dilbertfan1

    Price Matching

    Ill be happy if they buy from either of us. There is a post today from someone who ordered a snare drum from MF for the sale price. MF doesnt have it in stock so they have to wait. We have it on the shelf, ready to ship.
  16. dilbertfan1

    Gretsch decal fro front head This guy does killer work. I have used him a bunch.
  17. dilbertfan1

    Angel drum hoops?

    I sent a p.m.
  18. dilbertfan1

    Ludwig metal snare shootout

    Copper and Supra FTW.