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    Slingerland Bearing edges

    Are the bearing edges on a 60’s-70’s Slinglerland kit the same as the 60’s-70’s Ludwig kits? I have a 67 Ludwig and looking st getting the agar slinglerland kit. Not sure about Slingerland kits. Thanks in advance
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    ISO late 60's/ early 70's Ludwig kit

    I am in the market for a vintage Ludwig kit. I am primarily a worship drummer and a big fan of the low warm tones of the vintage ludwig's. Needing sizes to be 22/13/16. Must be in good condition. I know its a long shot, but if there is an older Ludwig kit thats in very good condition that anyone...
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    stick wrap by promark

    does anyone use the drum roll stick wrap that promark makes? i just started using it and i love the way it feels. however, i cant get it to stay on the stick for the life of me. no matter how much i wrap it or how tight it always ends up sliding off the stick.. any suggestions? thanks..
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    New guy.. Dw fanatic

    hey, i'm new to the site.. looks like a pretty cool place to get info and buy and sell. look forward to it.. i love dw drums and am currently in the market for a new kit. i would love a collectors series kit but will probably go with performance series due to cost.. just wanted to say hi and...