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  1. troymiller

    Conway Slingerland

    Lord have mercy... (*drooling*)
  2. troymiller

    SOLD Zildjian 6" Zil-Bel

    PM sent...
  3. troymiller

    Reso head recommendation for Kickport

    Hey guys- Gonna put a Kickport on a kit (had one laying around that I bought a year or two ago and never used), and looking for a reso head recommendation. All I've used reso-wise for years have been Aquarian Regulators - but I read that Kickports work better on a non-premuffled head. I'd...
  4. troymiller

    2 Kick Ports for Sale

    Pm sent...
  5. troymiller

    Calf Heads, hoops, clips, t screws, misc

    Pm'ing on the RK snare gate...
  6. troymiller

    DW Hardware

    PM sent...
  7. troymiller

    1968 Ludwig Acrolite Snare 5x14" Excellent Condition! SOLD

    Is this one date stamped?... and if so, what's the date?
  8. troymiller

    SOLD - Low boy beaters

    PM sent on the metronome...
  9. troymiller

    Craviotto 13/16/22 Birdseye Maple Drum Set. Kit #250.

    (what he said.)
  10. troymiller

    SOLD - FS - Carvin 12 Channel Rack Mixer

    I have the powered version of this, and it's nice. No nonsense, easy to use. I'm tempted here, just to have another...
  11. troymiller

    SOLD! Ming, Ludwig, Pearl & Keller snares!

    PM sent...
  12. troymiller

    SOLD Slingerland 12x20, 12, 14 snare

    Oh man, THAT'S a beauty!!!
  13. troymiller

    SOLD - Vintage Ludwig 22" wood Bass Drum Hoops w silver sparkle inlay

    I'll take 'em, Kevin... check your PM. :)
  14. troymiller

    Price check and info... Premier aisle...

    A pal of mine (with a music store) took these in on a trade. He shot me over this pic and asked if I was interested. I've never owned a Premier kit and know very little about them. I AM diggin' the color and sizes of these. Sizes are 22/10/12/14. I haven't gone over to check 'em out yet...
  15. troymiller

    Price check - 60's Slingerland aisle

    Hey guys-- A buddy of mine is thinking about grabbing these and asked my opinion. I went and checked them out... and they're NICE. Very dirty, but otherwise very NICE. (Frankly, I almost doubt that they ever left the owner's house.) From the SN's, it appears to be a factory matched kit -...
  16. troymiller

    Bunch of drum bags for sale - SOLD!

    PM sent on the PR's...
  17. troymiller

    SOLD: 5.5x14 Ludwig Supralite

    PM sent...