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    Crazy how things work out

    Knock 'em out!
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    US Navy Commodores Swing Band

    Check this out...the drummer is also the historian of the band. If you need any info about the history of the band to be sure to send an email or ask the DRUMMER!
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    Maybe my best new finish yet

    Nice....nice. The earless dude's family I hope stays on the sidelines.
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    Interesting Zildjian K Pre-aged dry light ride

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    US Navy Commodores Swing Band

    Without the chart my good friend. Without the chart.
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    Interesting Zildjian K Pre-aged dry light ride

    Pics to follow if I don't remain lazy.
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    Interesting Zildjian K Pre-aged dry light ride

    Dangit....just looked at it. It is a K (top). A Custom with no lathing on the bottom at all....smooth as can be bottom. Most definitely a "K" stamping on top. This ride really sounds great. From edge to bell, under and rim. Swing to 4 quarters on the heavy rock...awesome. It looks nothing like...
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    Interesting Zildjian K Pre-aged dry light ride

    I've never weighed mine - the one I bought down by the Santa Ana River and Warner in 1986. Was that a Sam Dashed shop there? Man, my ride has lasted a lot longer then the store did.
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    Ludwig Has a New 110th Set

    Thanks Chris, Jimmy
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    Thoughts on getting old

    I swing better @ 62 then I did at 20, 25, 30. all the way to age 60. I can drive a big band - 16 piece - at this age more comfortably then I did 1 or 2 or 3 decades prior. I believe I pay much more attention to the swing groove at 61 then I did at any better than I did at 35. What is up with...
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    US Navy Commodores Swing Band

    @ 44:45 David swings in the summer with the Commodores here:
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    Playing The Room

    Hey, Happy Labor Day everyone. And Patriots Day on the 11th of September. All service members, thank you.
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    Playing The Room

    Do we all pick nondrum items to play on or approach the kit on areas that are not regularly played? Buddy on The Muppets episode really brings this out when he played around the Muppets Theatre before ever getting near his kit. Has anyone gone down in front of the stage or on the stage and...
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    US Navy Commodores Swing Band

    Maybe that is better.....
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    US Navy Commodores Swing Band

    Congratulations to a young kid David Kapral who was much younger when I met him and his dad (Chris Kapral, Saxamaphonist). He has to be a greatly proud dad. David is the newest addition to the bone section in the Commodores. Check out young David's bone solo at 51:49 on the clock. A smooth kid I...
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    Thank you mods

    Well tuned, smooth strike.
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    A Pictorial History of Gretsch, in Fred’s Own Words

    Got to love that sound.
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    Great stuff pic wise brother....thanks!
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    Namm 2019 rumors

    Who's there from the 24th on? I'll get some pics up if anybody needs - just msg me through DFO for specifics. I know there are a couple of cats that will do some long posts....I'd like to stick to say 5 specific requests that I can get down and dirty with. First five get it. I'll be with my...
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    Back off higher tension when storing snare drums?

    Bowties are sometimes Go-ties. Take a pic and send it to Ludwig with an explanation. Chances are you will get a replacement in the mail. No matter the year. Then again if you have been buying from them for 3 generations since 1958 your chances are VERY good you will get a replacement. I'd give...