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  1. tbart16

    Yamaha Rock tour custom

    I have 3 13x11 toms black sparkle finish a 12x10 tom and a 15x13 tom #1 1311 is repainted with no mount $75 #2 13x11 is is in good shape hardware is getting a little pitted finish is very nice $100 #3 13x11 is is in good shape hardware is nice and finish is nice $150 12x10 tom is in very nice...
  2. tbart16

    Tama cordia?

    2 floor Tom's showed up with an RTC kit I bought. No badges ,but the floor Tom brackets have Tama printed on them. Just curious if they are Cordia's ....they are for sale
  3. tbart16

    Tama Granstar 16" floor tom firestorm red

    16" Tama Granstar firestorm red very nice shape non Tama legs included missing one T-bolt from leg holder. Drum needs cleaning chrome and wrap in very nice shape. Looking for $150 $15 shipping in the lower 48 Need to sell make an offer please email [email protected] or call or text...
  4. tbart16

    musicians friend Stupid deal on PDP stand
  5. tbart16

    Ludwig Stainless kit, What do I clean it with, Head recommendations

    [sharedmedia=gallery:images:7309] Just a quick pic from the ride home. Drums are in good players condition some mild pitting on hardware and scuffs on the tom badges (how does that even happen) all the mufflers are in place correct bass drum hoops. The lower tension rods on the bass drum...
  6. tbart16

    Decent Vistalite kit at GC not sure if the link will work it is a smoke vistalite 22,12,13,16. i was picking up a set of new beats and gave the vistalite a quick look. The hoops are horribly wrong on the bass drum half the tension rods are also wrong. All...
  7. tbart16

    G.A.S. alert Ludwig stainless kit

    Trolling through guitar centers used site I spot a Ludwig stainless kit 22,12,13,16 GAS kicked in and I pulled the trigger $1400 shipped to my house. I don't think it's the deal of the day but still not bad. GC rep said it was in nice shape and was in his opinion a good deal. I'll post some pics...
  8. tbart16

    Pearl Prestige session select GC deal

    [sharedmedia=gallery:images:7126] 10,12,14,16,20 This is at my local Guitar center I thought it was a pretty good deal. I am going to drop by tomorrow and check them out. Sorry if this should be in the for sale section Guitar Center Allentown $424 I would love to grab them ,but i am out of room
  9. tbart16

    New House new basement lots of space!

    Just moved into a new house and finally have the chance to really set up some drums. Our old farmhouse basement had me very limited on configurations plus with water issues I kept as many drums as possible in cases. So my goal last night was to set up as many toms as possible in a playable...
  10. tbart16

    90's modern drummer magazines..Anybody want them??

    My wife and I are moving into our new house and I was going through my stuff and have about 25+ years worth of modern drummers spanning from the 1990 to present. Does anyone collect them is anyone interested in them? I picked out a couple of my favorites ,but the rest will probably be heading to...
  11. tbart16

    Some BLAcro love

    July 4th we were scheduled to play an outside festival type gig, weather did not cooperate so we got jammed into a small bar instead. I took my newly acquired Blacro the muffler was missing which I replaced, snare came outfitted with puresound 24 wires Ludwig snare side head and Evans reverse...
  12. tbart16

    Tama Stilt /Yamaha stilt

    I picked up 2 tama stilt stands the thumbscrews for the legs are missing, anyone have a part number or a few you would like to sell? Also I acquired a Yamaha single braced stand that has "stilting" capabilities, anyone ever come across one ?are they rare? it is currently packed in the band...
  13. tbart16

    Pro mark quality

    I believe this topic was tackled before sorry for the deja vu. This past weekend my band played 2 nights the first night 10 songs into the set I lose the top of a new pro mark 747 natural stick. I didn't pay much attention to it until the next night I was trying out some Simon Phillips sig...
  14. tbart16

    Deal of the day

    Found this on the local CL
  15. tbart16

    Mic placement on my 28" bass

    Typically I use a shure 91a mic in my bass drums for micing purposes ,but with my new 28" premier I love the feel and the sound I am getting with the full front head. Will I completely lose the feel and sound by cutting a 3" hole in the head so I can slide the 91a in or should I pick up another...
  16. tbart16

    vote for my band please

    We are entered into a battle of the bands some pre show voting helps our overall score and also puts us in a better time slot com performance time. I will post theh voting link and also the link to our facebook and you tube thanks and enjoy Tom
  17. tbart16

    28" head recomendations

    I picked up a 28" premier marcher turned bass drum I plan on using it with my rock band I typically play 24's with super kick II's and aquarian reso head small hole. I like a boom ,but also need some punch any suggestions appreciated. I honestly really want to put a chrome starfire on the front...
  18. tbart16

    Guitar Center story

    picked up a lipstick red granstar 22 12 13 18(yes 18) from guitar center( I've bought many sets from GC and had them shipped) paid $199 and $20 shipping from Kentucky to Pennsylvania. Set arrives today in 2 separate boxes. I opened the bass drum shaped box first and found the hoop split and...
  19. tbart16

    OT Cell providers/contracts

    My ATT contract has been expired for a while now and before resigning for something else I just wanted to feel everyone out about what they do for cell service. Primarily in my area only ATT and verizon provide good coverage sprint,tmobile and virgin do not work. Any thoughts appreciated. Hate...
  20. tbart16

    ludwig super sensative

    I just picked up a luddy 51/2" SS for $129 on GC website it is a blue olive badge and it appears that the strainers are intact. Did I find a deal or should I have done some more research. A little Super sensative history please thanks Tom