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    80's Yamaha brass snare - cracks common?

    Not sure if you watched the video, but the lug on that Weckl snare has the anti-rotation pin above the screw. I've never seen the older MC square lug with the pin below the screw, but from what I've observed on the interwebs, it didn't make a difference...
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    80's Yamaha brass snare - cracks common?

    I had a look at my Bordin copper, and the seam is aligned with the lugs. However, the seam is fully brazed and there is no "butt join" that can be seen anywhere (although the join is clearly visible). I know I'm using a newer copper model as a comparison, so perhaps it's not comparable to an...
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    80's Yamaha brass snare - cracks common?

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    80's Yamaha brass snare - cracks common?

    I was under the impression the older metal snares were seamless, but I don't know the older Yamaha stuff that well.
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    80's Yamaha brass snare - cracks common?

    Incidentally, I saw this the other day:
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    How Not To Display For Sale Ad

    The scarves are to control the ring and harmonics of the rack system, and the fan is to draw out more low end from the bass drum.
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    Yamaha Drums Manufacturing Date

    Try this:
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    superb snare drum

    Local Drum Shop.
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    90's Yamaha RC Floor Tom Bracket failure

    The newer bracket has the bolt receiver threaded on the side (probably just to reduce the overall footprint): I have no experience with the older bracket, so I wouldn't have a clue if the new one has...
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    I cut my Stage Custom 20x17 to 20x13.5.

    Brain fade. My mistake. I thought you'd cut it from the batter side (which makes no sense). But yes, the seam would be (more or less) front and centre on display.
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    I cut my Stage Custom 20x17 to 20x13.5.

    Except the old holes for the spurs would be exposed.
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    Bird's Eye Views...

    oak_2 by The 017, on Flickr
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    To felt or not to felt

    To felt. My stands are Yamaha with the plastic sleeves. The sleeve is such that the wing nut bottoms out on it, so it makes it impossible to clamp the cymbal to hinder its articulation.
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    OT - the whiny you-know-what thread

    My current mobile phone plan has 3gb data per month included (which I never ever get remotely close to using). I get an email telling me "based on my data usage", their more expensive 20 gazillion gigabyte plan would suit me much better. Some moron has given some stupid fast loan company my...
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    Official Yamaha Drums Thread

    I found these going through some old photos. They aren't set up at the moment (they're currently hibernating). Yamaha Wine Barrel Custom 22x17 16x16 12x9 14x5.5 Additional Snares 13x7 WSD13AJ 14x6.5 SD6465MB Sabian HH/HHX oak by The 017, on Flickr oak_1 by The 017, on Flickr oak_2 by...
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    Are Drum Cases Necessary?

    A few years ago I moved interstate, so cases were/are worthwhile to me. I much prefer hard shell cases over bags. I find it easier to put drums into them, take them out of them, move them around, they're far more durable, provide greater protection, and the extra space they take up is...
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    New Rogers Hardware

    Yes, they're Yamaha.
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    Official Yamaha Drums Thread

    I had a quick look at my Oak Custom hoops, and they only have one hole that lines up with the seam. These holes are also only about 4mm deep and 2mm in diameter, which to me isn't sufficient to hang them securely enough for them not to fall off. Also, the Sakae Trilogy I alluded to, I was...
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    what drum wrap do ludwig factories today use?

    Their website lists both Ludwig and Gretsch as "Our Happy Clients", so they at least use some of their products. There's every possibility that Ludwig sources specific finishes elsewhere, but I have zero knowledge of the drum wrap industry.