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  1. jmato

    Just wanted to post a pic of my dog.....

    Betsy (120+ lbs. Great Pyrennes) and Leo (Bassett). Great dogs!
  2. jmato

    Corner Riser - how big?

    So, as is typical, the owner had already started building the riser when they thought to ask me. After I answered using the good input above, they sent me a photo, and fortunately the riser is quite big so there should be no issues. Thank you for all the responses.
  3. jmato

    Corner Riser - how big?

    The owner is putting a corner riser in our practice space for the drums. They want to know how far out from the corner the stage should be to accommodate a 5 piece kit with 5-6 cymbal stands (including hats). If you have ever figured out such a problem, what is your recommendation? Thank you...
  4. jmato

    Cheap Snare Head and Wires

    This will likely be one of those threads most love to hate. I have a 5.5x14 Yamaha DP snare. Dreaded luan. 20 years old or so and still soft wood shell. I am re-wrapping it. if you were trying to make this cheap snare sound good, what batter head and snare wire would you use? Looking for...
  5. jmato

    Thomas Lang. Drum geek like us all.

    Notice he spent no time at all tuning the bass drum? I need to stop obsessing, clearly.
  6. jmato

    Moon Gel substance?

    I suspect you have done this already, but try mesh heads. They will be as quiet as any muffled or covered regular head, if not quieter.
  7. jmato

    FOUND - 22" Chrome/Steel Hoops

    Thank you mewing for the hook-up!
  8. jmato

    FOUND - 22" Chrome/Steel Hoops

    The title says it all. Looking . . . thank you.
  9. jmato

    Honky Tonk Women - Cowbell

    It works and they love it! Try it!
  10. jmato

    Honky Tonk Women - Cowbell

    My bands always have a WAG or friend or even a stranger out of the crowd to play the cowbell part at the beginning. We tell them to play, "I want - to **** - you; you want - to **** - me" for the intro (at the correct tempo, which is easily corrected if they mess up once the drums come in)...
  11. jmato

    Cleaning, not polishing ....

    Tape residue is nasty stuff on a cymbal, especially if it has been on the cymbal for a long time. I have used Goo-Gone with good success. It takes some elbow grease, and the cymbals were differently colored under where the tape had been, but it got most of the residue off the cymbal. I wish...
  12. jmato

    Here They Go Again.....Steve Smith & Ross Valory Fired From Journey

    This just in: Smith, Valory, and Steve Perry to form rival band called Destination and the No-Schons
  13. jmato

    Wooden (Walnut) Bi-Lateral Bass Pedal

    Very cool stuff. Impressive.
  14. jmato

    Pedal Case

    Thank you all. I will investigate these options.
  15. jmato


    Sorry about that. Just repeating what the drummer told me. It’s one of the two - my point remains. I was surprised.
  16. jmato

    Pedal Case

    What do folks use for pedal cases if not the OEM? Any suggestions for a case for my Trick Pro 1-V Bigfoot pedal? Thanks in advance.
  17. jmato


    So, my wife and I have a gigging night off, and we are sitting in a bar in a very small midwestern town, and I compliment the drummer on his ride cymbal. It sounds very washy but with a great stick too. Turns out it’s a Zildjian ZBT Scimitar. Really. I am admittedly a little gobsmacked. It...
  18. jmato

    What is your unpopular drum opinion?

    I don't hear the appeal of most Meinl cymbals. I am happy with the drums and cymbals I have right now. My wife is right; I probably have too many drum kits. E-drums are pretty good for practicing in relative quiet.
  19. jmato

    SOLD - Giant Beat 15" Hats

    18" Crash is spoken for.
  20. jmato

    SOLD - Giant Beat 15" Hats

    Bump - Giant Beat hats still for sale. 18" Crash still free. Thanks for looking.