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  1. dsop

    Tama tom stand isolation

    Maybe the tilt causes the tube that is inside the larger tube to press against the side.
  2. dsop

    Tama tom stand isolation

    That's weird. Don't your Tama toms have that STAR mounting thingy?
  3. dsop

    Are You a Bad Drummer? Nashville Bass Player Exposes Tell Tale Signs

    I was thinking, chances are that I have never been interested in any music this guy has played on, and looks like I was right.
  4. dsop

    Vinnie's Got A Podcast

  5. dsop

    Gretsch Snare Owners,Help!

    I would have just contacted Gretsch and said WTF?
  6. dsop

    P85 snare throw off

    Sure, the P-85 is fine for most, but a musical instrument that costs several hundred dollars should definitely have a better strainer than that crap.
  7. dsop

    DW or Tama throne ?

    I found them to be way too soft/squishy/spongy.
  8. dsop

    Showing my age... This was GREAT!

    I was actually a fan of Angel. :)
  9. dsop

    Jeff Porcaro on Family Guy?!

  10. dsop

    DW or Tama throne ?

    Let me know if you find that you have to adjust the height after 30-60 minutes. If the foam doesn't compress too much, I may snag one too.
  11. dsop

    When playing festivals, the sound company determines your fate

    Hire your own sound guy. You're welcome.
  12. dsop

    What Are You Listening To?

  13. dsop

    Drum heads for jazz drums

    Clear Ambassador batter, Coated resonant. Coated Ambassador on the snare. Clear Ambassador or Clear Powerstroke 3 on the bass drum.
  14. dsop

    Bill Burr on drums and Tony Williams

    I just get so tired of his profanity. Is that really necessary? Fuck me.
  15. dsop

    Band Member Dust Ups

    I guess I was looking for a different approach. Someone with a drinking problem like this has surely heard about it from others and just doesn't care (or is unable to stop). Me pointing it out is not going to resolve it. If it was me, I would surely realize that I had to stop drinking if no one...
  16. dsop

    Band Member Dust Ups

    Is it really my responsibility to reform someone? I don't think that this is something that deserves a second chance. Anyone that thinks it's okay to drink during a gig isn't taking it seriously. They're treating it like a 'hang' or a party.
  17. dsop

    Crazy Glue On Wood Tip Sticks

    What happens to your drum heads and cymbals? Does it leave residue/marks?
  18. dsop

    Band Member Dust Ups

    What do you do about musicians who drink during a gig, and it clearly affects their playing in a negative way?
  19. dsop

    Three Up with the C&C’s

    I love that setup too, but I don't use it anymore. It forces me to place the hi-hats in an awkward position .
  20. dsop

    Any tips for tuning 12 and 13 toms?

    What interval do you like? I tend to go for something around a minor third. I like my 12" tensioned pretty high, even higher than Simon. I find you get a very musical tone that way, and you can play at ppp dynamics and still get tone.