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  1. glynch

    Check Out My Gretsch Set

  2. glynch

    OT - El Camino on Netflix

    I loved it.
  3. glynch

    5.5 vs other size snares

    Me too. It's the perfect middle ground.
  4. glynch

    "Losin' Your Mind": Pride and Glory (Zakk W.)

    Troubled Wine is one of my favorite tunes on the Pride & Glory album. Just a good straight up, heavy, driving rock tune.
  5. glynch

    Sparkle Brite film?

    Thanks Steve. The color isn't really important to me. Do you have enough to do a 6x14 snare?
  6. glynch

    "Losin' Your Mind": Pride and Glory (Zakk W.)

    I saw Zakk Wylde twice back in the 90's in Dallas. First time with Brian on drums as the Pride & Glory line up then the second time was an acoustic show with him and another guitar player. Both shows were wonderful and I got to meet him both times. He was a super cool and humble guy, visited...
  7. glynch

    Sparkle Brite film?

    I have a cheap snare that I was wanting to put some cheap wrap on so I thought I would just throw some Sparkle Brite film on it. I found some on a website through a Google search but I couldn't figure out how to order it. I think it was a site for suppliers buying in bulk. Any idea where I can...
  8. glynch

    Powder Coating...

    I had an old raw aluminum Oriollo shell powder coated and I can't tell it made any difference sonically. It's my favorite snare.
  9. glynch

    Am I The Only One Who Doesn't Like My Craviotto Snare?

    I had one of the Craviotto made DW snares from the early 2000's that I got in a trade from a local drummer friend. I tried a bunch of different tunings but I just didn't care for it. Sold it almost a loss. LOL
  10. glynch

    Folding hand truck recommendations

    That's the one I wound up going with. Found a good deal on one on Ebay so I decided to give it a shot. I'll report back when it comes in.
  11. glynch

    Folding hand truck recommendations

    I'm thinking this might be just what I'm looking for.
  12. glynch

    Folding hand truck recommendations

    I had the RN6. I just need something that folds completely flat.
  13. glynch

    Folding hand truck recommendations

    Those would be perfect if the wheels folded too. I need something that folds completely flat.
  14. glynch

    Folding hand truck recommendations

    I've been using one of the lightweight aluminum folding hand trucks for hauling gear....similar to the one pictured below. I gave like $25 for it. It works pretty good but I was hoping to find one that's heavier duty since I use it to haul PA speakers as well as drum gear. I know they make some...
  15. glynch

    My Oriollo Phantom55 relugged

    Good customer service. Mine still has those original lugs on it. So far no issues.
  16. glynch

    Oriollo Snares

    I've owned 3 Oriollo aluminum snares and I love them. The blue one is the first one I bought and I still own it, It's by far my favorite. The pink one I bought back when he would do just the shell if you wanted. I had him make the shell, finish it and drill the holes then I just added the...
  17. glynch

    happy birthday america

    Thank you
  18. glynch

    happy birthday america

    About four years ago when my daughter was 11 she spray painted this flag on our front yard for the 4th of July. I thought she did a really nice job on it. Happy 4th.
  19. glynch

    C&C’s have finally landed

    Very nice! I love the lugs and the finish. Congrats!
  20. glynch

    I'm going to gig my new Gretsch kit tonight for the first time.

    Enjoy. I gig the crap out of my USA Customs.