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  1. Appleseed

    How Do You Not Trance Out While Drumming?

    Sometime at practice we play one song for 15-30 minutes. At about minute 6 I go in and out of trance. When I come back into my body, sometimes it messes me up and I turn it into a fill or a roll untill I can pick the groove back up. Occasionally it's noticable. I haven't played many shows but it...
  2. Appleseed

    How to pack my new FP9? (picture)

    First off I need to state that I finally bought myself a set of decent double bass pedals and I couldn't be happier! I waited to try a few out in person at Guitar Center. I fell instantly in love with the Yamaha FP9 (chain drive) because it's smooth like butter!! After 3 weeks I've already...
  3. Appleseed

    Anyone try the Evans Black Chrome heads?

    Anyone else try out the Evans Black Chrome heads? They were suggested to me because I like a VERY dark sound (and black). This is the first time I've changed a set of tom heads and I'm having a hard time tuning them low enough. Tuned them up, tuned them down, tuned them up, tuned them down...
  4. Appleseed

    Muffler and port?

    Buying a resonate head for my 22" Pearl bass drum. I like a dark thud sound. I'm thinking of getting a muffler for it but I doubt it would be as effective as the pillows I've been using. -thoughts? I'm also wondering, would a port effect tone?