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    Rings near the edge..dry in center

    So what do the stick marks on your snare drum tell you?...Are you edgy or centered, or are you a jazzer and show no marks because the brushes wore them off?
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    Splash critical are they?

    Do you spend a lot of time trying different brands, sizes, weights, etc? I mean, what do they do, and what difference does it make as long as they..well..just splash? I can see where one might come in handy now and then, but as far as you're critical are they?
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    Toms with snare wires?

    Anyone trying this for effects?..Not sure where it would fit, but then again?
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    What is the oldest piece of ORIGINAL drum mfg swag you own, be it t shirts,caps, etc?..Its a real money maker for them these days with leather jackets, sunglasses, watches, etc. In the ol days they gave the stuff away at shows and clinics
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    Rise up..Rise up.

    I read quite some time ago that not all drummers used a riser with their 18" bass drums. Seems a lot of you prefer it on the floor, but things change. What is the trend these days? On or off the floor [rug]?
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    Zildjian Gospel pack

    Do any of you folks have any personal experience with these cymbals?. Im hoping they are versatile enough to fit in anywhere.
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    Varus drums

    Never heard of them before, but have a look at the site. Look very interesting from a distance, and they have BEECH wood!!
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    New Vintage Series Sonor.

    I have not heard a lot about the stock snare drums with these new kits. Are some of you reluctant to say anything negative about the kit, esp the snare drums? I would need to hear much more about them before i drop for a kit
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    Packing the lugs??

    Pulled the lugs off a vintage drum in a friends store and he commented on what the "packing" was and why was it there? He said "new" drums dont have that, and then i realized another mass production cut back. Even the higher end drums do not pack lugs...Such a pity!
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    Music City Drums

    For our Canuck friends near London Ont, we have a new drum shop offering a great mix of vintage/new/used/ gear at very competitive pricing. Just getting started so they could use our support. Most drum shops are either in Toronto or north of TO, and its at least a 3 hr drive across the city each...
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    snare wires on toms?

    Noticing some interest in the addition of wires on the reso side of 12,13,14 and 16"toms. Would that mean that snare beds would be cut, and if so, how would that affect the natural tom sound when the wires were off?..Anyone here tried this yet?
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    Consignment shops

    I read that these shops are flourishing during the pandemic, and it made me think, why are people convinced these shops can sell your gear, for a price when you can't?
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    Bass drum spurs [arms]

    Correct me if im wrong, but i think those HEAVY DUTY spurs that look like two body builders arms holding back a bass drum, are hideous. Not to mention they get in the way of your case, often ripping the vinyl/cloth bags, and what about the weight???...In the vintage days, you had the Ludwig fold...
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    Rest is good

    Have you ever thought you were rusty after taking time off but realized you were anything but?,,,In fact your speed and chops were on the money to the point you surprised yourself?....It happens to the best of us!!
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    Can you spot a fake?

    Or would you get ripped off for that classic Dyna Sonic you just paid 600.00 bucks for?..Be honest, remember the bad guys are usually smarter than the good guys. Kits are also up for grabs...cymbals not so much...I used to think i knew more than i did and got dinged a few as well?
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    8" double headed tom

    Never played one in my life. Are they supposed to sound like a bongo?...cant see them being used for much.
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    Do you think these two kits sound similar, considering the shells are the same but different hardware? Sonor was hard to figure out back in the 60/70,s.
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    E flavour

    I was informed today that e drum sets are all thats selling these days, just killing the acoustic business, for obvious reasons being shut in and such. I can see this turning around sooner than later, but whats going to happen to all these E kits?
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    About boxy snare drums..

    Associated with Gretsch vintage snare drums which i assume are wood, however can the term "boxy" be used to describe metal snare drums?
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    Yamaha Definitive Maple

    Nothing seems to be selling these days, unless its a rare collectable, but im going to let my 22,10,12,13,14,16 hanging toms in blue swirl finish go. I,d rather sell it in Ontario due to Covid concerns, so if anyone has any interest let me know and i,ll take some shots. I,m just looking to get...