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    Tama finish questions....

    I always want to see the natural wood grain on the interior of my drums. Especially when it's a dark wood grain. Not a fan at all of the Gretch interior silver coating. I always felt it looked cheap.
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    OT - El Camino on Netflix

    I really loved it. I thought it was exceptionally well done. I was hoping for some things that weren't in there, like I wanted to see him meet Skylar. But that wasn't the story they wanted to tell.
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    PA Drum Show

    Thank you very much guys. If I can swing it, I'll make it out! It will be a pleasure meeting all of you.
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    PA Drum Show

    This is about 2 and a half hours from me. Can you guys tell me how big this is? Are there a crazy number of vendors there, and small independent companies with drums to test? Thank you in advance.
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    Just returned a DW9000 hi hat stand I was severely disappointed in. What's the best hi hat stand I can go buy new today?

    I can second the posts promoting the Tama stand. I love mine. But if you want something new, check out the Mapex Falcon stand. 2 legged and they are removable. Nice piece of hardware from what I understand, though I have never had the opportunity to use one.
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    80's Yamaha Drums - Opinions Please

    I would go for the Tour. I had a mid-80's Tour Custom. They were amazing. BUT -- cymbals are so expensive nowadays. How many are you talking about on the power V kit and are they any good? If there's several GOOD cymbals there, it might need to be reconsidered if you need any new cymbals.
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    On This Day, Peter Criss Exits KISS in a Drum-Smashing Finale

    Now THAT'S funny!!!! :wav:
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    On This Day, Peter Criss Exits KISS in a Drum-Smashing Finale

    Face it, Steambent, you threw up on Dean Wormer.
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    On This Day, Peter Criss Exits KISS in a Drum-Smashing Finale

    I may sound like an old lady, but I was never a fan of smashing gear. I get why he was doing it, his anger and frustrations...but damn, those were precision instruments.
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    Drum Companies vs. Drum Assemblers

    This is strictly an opinion on my part. I don't think there's any real logic to it, but it's still how I feel. I rarely expect a drum manufacturer, namely the big companies mentioned in the OP, to make their own shells when it comes out to starter kits and even the really cheap intermediate...
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    OT: I f*@&ing LOVE Anthrax!

    They just did a little gig at Sweetwater.
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    OT: I f*@&ing LOVE Anthrax!

    I grew up on the Joey era and still love most of that material. But John Bush really does it for me. Part of it also came down to ...well there's only so many time's I can hear them sing about Judge Dredd, John Belushi or Medusa. I think the songs are still great, I just listened to them...
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    OT: I f*@&ing LOVE Anthrax!

    I just came across this video this morning. I remember seeing them as Roseland in support of this album. Been a fan since Spreading the Disease, but I'm skewed to favor the John Bush era. Was Charlie ever not a monster? Incredible band and still one of my favorites.
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    OT: Joker movie

    Very curious to see it. I'm skeptical about the craft the film itself but I have no doubt Joaquin turns in another epic performance. Frighteningly talented and dedicated actor.
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    Why You Gots 2 Have Machin Dromes ?

    I'm anal. They have to match, eh. Never mind that Sh*t, here comes Mongo!
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    Gretsch Broadkaster snare mare!

    That's interesting. If I can ask, what kind of snares do you have and what major manufacturers have let you down? And was it only with their matching kit snares, or was it also their specialty snares?
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    Picked up an old Yamaha Tour custom kit

    I had a Tour Custom Kit in the 80's. 7 piece, beautiful kit. Birch and mahogany shells. They really SANG!!! I still regret selling them. Congratulations! They'll serve you well.
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    Songs I Greatly Dislike FRIDAY FIVE FER

    I don't mind getting into this as long as we are talking strictly opinion. I know some of the stuff I will list here is good songwriting, and some of them have excellent playing. But this is just stuff I don't like. Tom Sawyer -- RUSH The Ocean -- LED ZEPPELIN Walk on the Wild Side -- LOU...
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    Todd La Torre and Queensryche

    Murat, you haven't missed too much. There were a handful of good tuned (IMO) between Tribe, Q2K and Mindcrime II. But not much. If you haven;t heard their live double CD Live at the Moore in Seattle, I recommend you checking it out. No DeGarmo, but still a great performance.
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    Todd La Torre and Queensryche

    The Verdict felt a lot like a Fates Warning album to me...just not as strong. I like Fates Warning a lot. That being said, I'm not sold on the album. I didn't like their first one with La Torre, and only heard a couple of songs form the last one. This seemed like a step up at least, but...