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  1. imthebeat

    Wanted: Vintage Tama Superstar 22" bass drum hoop Super Maple finish

    need one 22" Tama Superstar hoop, Super Maple finish for 1980 bass drum, thanks
  2. imthebeat

    Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute Lugs

    Looking for 10 in excellent condition, these are the one screw type with a post that doesn't go through the shell. I need them for a 5.5 " snare but I believe same were used for tom drums. Thanks
  3. imthebeat

    Help Identifying Brady Snare Drum

    Picked this snare up recently, first Brady I've owned What I do know: 5.5" x 14 5.5mm thick shell Black lacquer finish on the outer shell, painted black inside. Shell composition, year, estimated value? Thanks
  4. imthebeat

    Help with Yamaha part

    type of clamp, where and how its used? Thanks, Dave
  5. imthebeat

    I bumped it on wood table

    60's Ludwig supraphonic LM400 Snare Drum Chrome 10 lug Keystone WOW LOOK
  6. imthebeat

    Help with Zildjian Stamp

    Hi, could use assistance dating 18" Zildjian crash, 1700 grams, stamp is 1-1/4" high, deeply imprinted, you can see a slight impression on the underside where the stamp is. Thanks, Dave
  7. imthebeat

    Gretsch Round Badges-SOLD

    2- Gretsch round badges. Shiny finish, appears both were polished. $25 each. $5 ship lower 48 Thanks, Dave Thanks Colin
  8. imthebeat

    Ludwig? L-Arm

    Hi, can anybody tell me with certainty that it's a Ludwig L-arm. Long side measures 5-3/4", short side almost 3-1/2" Thanks, Dave