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  1. oriollo

    Spun brass finally!

    Finally, after many months of development/testing/ ... we managed to produce our first spun brass shell. I mean batches are produced of various depths. And what I'm very excited about - we can do it in up to 8" (maybe even more, but 8" is for sure)! Here it is...
  2. oriollo

    Spun steel snare

    Wanted to show what we've been working on. A new series of shells. Spun steel. Medium manganese steel. Still prototype, but soon live! It has to be galvanized, and then finish choice, but I couldn't resist trying it out :D
  3. oriollo

    Favorite throw off and why?

    We're in the process of creating our own throw off, have several concepts, but not sure which way to proceed ... So, let's see what is your favorite throw off and why? What features would your favorite throw have?
  4. oriollo

    Oriollo Drums

    Continuing from the other topic ... Here's a new series of metal snare drums. The Dictator series. We called it like that because it features a really powerful, loud and distinctive sound. The shell is made of a custom bronze alloy and machined to 2.8mm. The drum in the pic is 14"x6.5".
  5. oriollo

    Showing my pride ...

    Hey guys, Just wanna show a drum I finished yesterday, my pride and joy ... :) 3.2mm bell bronze. 14x5.5. More pics at
  6. oriollo

    Metal drum kit

    I asked this question in several places, but I want to ask here too, as I respect this community very much. Going to build a drum kit for myself in the coming month(s), getting some new tools etc meanwhile ... So I yet have to decide what to try. Or what to try first (if I don't like the...