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  1. ToBBa

    Strange vintage f602 stamp

    Hi I Just came over a guy Who has this f602 ride with a stamp that i have never seen before. Anyone here who can shed som light on this one? Thanks
  2. ToBBa

    Lug identification help

    Hi Dfo I recently went to a yard sale and bought a huge box of misc. Drum parts. A huge box....lots of great stuff. But there are some lugs that I can't figure out... Who made them,how old are they etc? Any help would be most appreciated! All of the parts are vintage(pre 1980) so I presume the...
  3. ToBBa

    Need help dating this old Gretsch(broadcaster?) Snare.

    Hi all you great people of dfo! A friend of mine sent me one of his snares for me to resto/touch up a bit. It's a Gretsch 8lug 14x5.5" with diecast hoops. Fairly thick shell without re-rings. I think it's a broadcaster model. Am I right? I think it had a wrap that somone took off and aplied a...
  4. ToBBa

    Newly restored late 50's Prems

    Hi all. I know this forum is most for american made and also some mij drums, so i'm a bit hesitant to post this, but still... contributing to the forum has to be ok, don it? Just wanted to share some pictures of my new love, that I recently finished restoring. The only thing lacking for it to...
  5. ToBBa

    Shellac over Laquer?

    Hi builders. Need some advice regarding experiences on putting shellac on top of laquer. I have this really nice quilted maple snare shell that I have tried to get a real glossy finish on. I'm not very happy with the result im getting. I don't feel that the coates are building the way they...
  6. ToBBa

    Experience with extended snare systems.

    Hi all. I am in the process of finishing a snare with an extended snare system that I put together. I've never played a snare with extended wires, built it out of curiosity I guess. I have played a lot of parallel action drums that are quite close in sound one would think? Is there any thing I...
  7. ToBBa

    Antiques store find. What is it?

    Hi folks. A friend of mine stubled across this kit in an antiques store. Never seen that wrap, nor heard if the brand google did not come up with anything usefull, and the badge overview for old japanese on vitagedrumguide did not have this brand listed. I think it looks a bit to old...
  8. ToBBa

    Some of my Snare builds

    There are so many great builders on this forum. Seeing pictures of your work is of great inspiration to a small time builder like me. Thank you for that. For the fun of it I thought I should post some pictures of some of my recent builds. Sorry for the poor pictures, I'm no good at taking pix
  9. ToBBa

    For the led zep and bonzo fans

    Found this one on the bay. I'm shure it has been posted before, but could not find it? Please delete this post if there already is a thread regarding this drum. That a lot of money for a it worth it?
  10. ToBBa

    Symphonic snare strainers

    Hi I have been looking into building a snare with a symphonic snare system. I love the options in different wire combos and wire tension this gives. I have done some research trying to get an overwiev on which strainers that are available for purchase to the common man... So far i have found...
  11. ToBBa

    Help me with my stage presence/looks

    Hi all I have noticed my self, and also gotten some comments that I look away from the crowd, or look angry and pi**ed off while I play. I have a tendency to look down to my left when I play, and I tend to get very focused on what I do on stage, and I think my body language is a part of that...
  12. ToBBa

    Re-edging Remo acousticon drums?

    Hi all. Does any of you have any experiance with cutting new bearing edges on remo drums made with acousticon? If i have understood it correct, acousticon is wood fibres mixed with an epoxy resin wich should make it a very hard material. can i use the normal router bit i use on regular wood...
  13. ToBBa

    Help me find more of this wrap

    Hi gang. Some time ago i bought some quite unuseual wrap. There are two different colors/patterns. One of them is like a normal wmp pattern but with a crazy color mix. I have seen this wrap before on a dunnett drum, and also on a geo way or leedy reissue drum. People tend to call it clown puke...