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  1. mrmike

    Looking for a better wrap match.

    I ordered the one on the bottom but need one that looks more like the one on top. Does anyone know where to find?
  2. mrmike

    Is this a good deal for a Ludwig 3 ply granitone?

    I am think about checking out this kit. How much do you think the damaged badge would affect the value? Is granitone less desirable?
  3. mrmike

    Would recutting edges on DW Collectors be a good idea?

    I have a Collectors kit from 1998 in sizes 10,12,14,16,22. The edges are in excellent shape but are very sharp and appear to have no counter cut, just a straight 45 to the last ply. Don't get me wrong, they sound great but I was wondering if having the edges redone with a counter cut like...
  4. mrmike

    Early 70's Ludwig 3ply wood make up with clear interior.

    According to Ludwig's own web site, 3 ply drums started out mahogany/poplar/mahogany and switched to maple/poplar/maple in the late 60's. I have purchased 2 separate toms, both with clear interiors, both with blue olive pointy badge and both with re-rings. The funny thing is when I pulled off...
  5. mrmike

    Why do some drums take to higher tunings better than others?

    I own a 1998 DW Collectors series kit that sounds great at lower tunings. What is it about some drums like Gretsch USA and Yamaha MCA that a lot of the jazz cats play and they sound really nice tuned medium and high. Is it just the edges. The all seem to have similar shell construction although...
  6. mrmike

    Finish on bearing edges or naked?

    I am puting together a 8x12 Keller Vintage Maple shell tom to add to my early 70's Ludwigs. So far I have drilled all the holes and I am am ready to put the wrap on and then put her together. Just wondering if I should put some kind of sealer on the bearing edges? I got the shell from...
  7. mrmike

    Anyone playing DW Collectors brass snare?

    Looking to add a 14x6.5 brass snare to the pile. GC has a great sounding DW collectors but I am wondering if I would be better served with a Black Beauty. Does anyone have a preference one way or the other?