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  1. JimmyFenno

    Playing The Room

    Do we all pick nondrum items to play on or approach the kit on areas that are not regularly played? Buddy on The Muppets episode really brings this out when he played around the Muppets Theatre before ever getting near his kit. Has anyone gone down in front of the stage or on the stage and...
  2. JimmyFenno

    US Navy Commodores Swing Band

    Congratulations to a young kid David Kapral who was much younger when I met him and his dad (Chris Kapral, Saxamaphonist). He has to be a greatly proud dad. David is the newest addition to the bone section in the Commodores. Check out young David's bone solo at 51:49 on the clock. A smooth kid I...
  3. JimmyFenno

    So Who Would Play Moscow and Turkey and Greek Cyprus Today?

    It's been 9 years since my tour of the above cats, playing behind WC Clark and Room Full Of Blues - not to mention Philadelphia Jerry Ricks (deceased). So if offered the date today with all the crazy stuff happening would you take the fu**in' chance with your life to do this gig? Believe me, it...
  4. JimmyFenno

    Luddy 2017 Silver Sparkle Wrap 3 pce (+)

    On epray, open for member deals but no trades, please. IM if interested. Fenno
  5. JimmyFenno

    DW Bass Drum Lifter

    DW 9909 Drum lifter for 14, 16 and 18 FT - convert that floor tom to bass drum for a quick set up jazz kit or for a conga. $200 new, this one is like new in original box for $130.00 plus shipping. It's a bit heavy (10 pounds boxed) standard shipping from 78752 to your address. IM or email at...
  6. JimmyFenno

    Bosphorus EBC Line Rides, Crashes, Chinas

    I've tried a set of EBC cymbals from Bosphorus at a mom and pop drum shop recently and was knocked out by the sounds first and the overall look as well. The 21 ride sounds like it would be cutting in medium and large jazz situations, especially big band. The same is appealing to me for the 18...
  7. JimmyFenno

    BEST Drumming Gift YOU Received

    My Fridays of late have been lesson days. Yes I have started taking students once again after 5 years without. Out of desire, not need. Being picky, being choosy. Casey Christenson is my dear friend from many years ago. He plays rock-a-billy guitar, collects Gretsch electric hollow bodies (there...
  8. JimmyFenno

    Austin Empty Bowl

    Sunday the 22nd (this coming Sunday) 11:00 a.m. the nine piece band is going to roll out with a couple guest vocalists at the Linc (formerly the Lincoln Center) off the back end of what used to be to known as Highland Mall at The Marchssa Theatre & Hall for a one hour set of swing and pop. Then...
  9. JimmyFenno

    Traverse City - Need A Little Help

    This may be off the beaten path for topics in this area of the forum. If so I apologize. This also may be too much to ask for to many members. Those who know me well, know I do this sort of asking with respect and would not ask what follows without truly being in need. I have a gig coming up...
  10. JimmyFenno

    Austin City College Stage Band

    I've been having a blast playing the Austin Community College 18 piece Stage Band the last 2 years. Semi retirement leads to some great opportunities in the place you live. ACC is one of the greatest community colleges in the country. Steven Sodders is the leader of the band and is a fine...
  11. JimmyFenno

    Hats Off To Bermuda

    Had a great time talking with Bermuda at NAMM. A very welcoming cat in the Luddy booth this year. Thanks for your hospatality!
  12. JimmyFenno

    Who Will Pass Out First At NAMM Get Together?

    Damn, an edit.... I have to keep my big yap shut about where I am getting my "guest badge" this year but it's fair to say I don't have to play for any Sax import companies or demo any new ching ring hand held cymbal HH devices up and down the halls of the drum world/sound pollution areas of the...
  13. JimmyFenno

    Lost Episode Tonight Show 1969

    Please go to 8:24 of the playback and enjoy...
  14. JimmyFenno

    Thanks Ludwig!

    I had three Keystone lugs strip on the mounting screw holes...that is three screw holes on three seperate mounting holes on three Keystone bass drum lugs. I contacted my dealer. To replace the three lugs would cost me "actual shipping" plus the mysterious $15 in "warranty processing". Hold on...
  15. JimmyFenno


    I will never tour Russia again. Well, maybe.
  16. JimmyFenno

    Labor Day - Important To Us All

    Always interested in the day jobs of my fellow DFO'ers. Happy Labor Day to everyone no matter what you do! Must thank my wife Carol, master scientist & Cytotechnologist has made it possible for me to be a drummer, singer and band leader since the mid-eighties. Couldn't have done it without her...
  17. JimmyFenno


    RIP Jody Payne
  18. JimmyFenno

    The Triumphal Case Case Rip

    When I got my brass on brass BB a while back I thought it would be great to have one of those cool looking cases Ludwig includes with their ultimate high end snares such as the Triumphal. So Memphis Drum found out that they do sell the very case at around 150 bux. I ordered the case as part of...
  19. JimmyFenno

    New Keystones New Mounts

    First and of most importance the arrival safely of four different boxes with four different drums can not go without thanks. FEDEX proved again why they have for more then two decades been my choice for delivery of anything with the possibility of damage and/or ruin. Thank you FEDEX once again...