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  1. snappy

    Phil Collins and ABBA

    A unique drumming voice is no small feat. When Phil Collins plays the drums he sounds like Phil Collins. That's some voice Frida's got. Hear it Loud...
  2. snappy

    PINK FLOYD "Alternate Versions" Friday 5-fer

    The demo before Roy Harper...
  3. snappy

    Siskel and Ebert Friday Five Fer

  4. snappy

    Favorite Wooden Snare You Have Ever Played or Heard

    Not the Radio King? C'mon now...
  5. snappy

    Who Is the Best Rock Drummer of 2019?

    Who's is the best rock drummer from '91?
  6. snappy

    Nerves worse when you know people in the audience?

    No, I like it. A few butterflies are a good thing, MBB. Don't get too nuts but show 'em what ya got.
  7. snappy

    Diggin' on Little Feat

    I saw them open for The Neville Brothers on a circular rotating stage (in the round). .. that was a party atmosphere.
  8. snappy

    PINK FLOYD "Alternate Versions" Friday 5-fer

    Not much live footage exists between Dark Side and the Animals tour. Did you ever see them in concert with Roger?
  9. snappy

    When playing the drums to Rush is not impressive enough...

    Jack Buck, "I don't believe what I just saw" Tyler Warren, "Hold my beer" THIS IS ONE GUY...
  10. snappy

    "JOURNEY" Friday Six-Fer

    Nice video
  11. snappy


    The man behind Dark Side of the Moon and Abbey Road. *To the uninitiated at least forward track 1 to (1:30) and give it 2 minutes play it very loud.
  12. snappy

    "Chameleon" Herbie Hancock

    Harvey gets stupid at 7:38
  13. snappy

    "JOURNEY" Friday Six-Fer

    Neil Schon had the choice as a high school aged kid to play with Clapton or Santana. Steve Perry Ansley Dunbar Steve Smith Greg Rollie Jonathan Cain Russ Vallory and more. Extraordinary musicians staying in their lane for the greater good. Hey, Wolfman Jack introduce the fellas...
  14. snappy

    Humor—I was behind this guy on the freeway today

    One day "HA HA LOL" is going to make a poor decision at the wrong time with the wrong guy behind him
  15. snappy

    "Funeral For A Friend/Love Lies Bleeding" Elton John

    His and Bernie Taupin's masterpiece. ...It made a helluva cover too. The 5 minute mark on track 1 gets you rocking faster
  16. snappy

    NYC Bar Doodles Worth Millions?
  17. snappy

    "Dont Say No" Deep Cuts BILLY SQUIER Friday Five Fer

    Freddie Mercury and Roger Taylor sang on this LP They didn't sing on this one...