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  1. hefty

    Tama Powerpad single pedal bag

    Anyone have any experience with the Tama Powerpad single pedal bag? Pretty much forever I've just thrown my Speed Cobra in my hardware bag or carried it loose when going to rehearsals, but now that I have a $350(!) Dyna Sync I'm thinking of ways to protect my pedal, both when carried solo and...
  2. hefty

    Paiste Modern Essentials 602 15" Hi Hats

    Anyone want to unload their 15" Paiste ME 602 hats? I'm looking!
  3. hefty

    How do you know you are self-mixing yourself well?

    Drums are such an interesting instrument in that they're actually many instruments that we try blend together in a cohesive way, to sound as one essentially. I've always felt like I did a decent job of "mixing" myself as I play since I never heard comments otherwise, but last night at practice...
  4. hefty

    Istanbul Agop Regular 14" hi hat cymbals

    Listed on Reverb. Make me an offer!
  5. hefty

    Leaving drums set up with tom on tom mount-- potential for warping?

    Is there a danger of a mounted tom warping if you leave drums set up long-term (months or more)?
  6. hefty

    Adding a percussion player to my band

    So the new back up singer in my band is also a drummer, and I/we are interested in having her add some percussion parts as well. This is an all originals type band and we're in a writing phase now so anything goes. I haven't played a lot of percussion really and certainly haven't tried to help...
  7. hefty

    The moment of truth (a.k.a. is it damaged or is it ok?)

    Ugh, moment of truth time. My wife sent me pics of this package that showed up today. Inside should be a snare drum. Outside does not look promising. I won't know how the drum fared until I get home from work. Fingers crossed! Also, how friggin' hard is it to decently pack a drum for...
  8. hefty

    Have we reached peak matte?

    Feels like matte finishes are pretty trendy right now. Like we're at peak matte. I used to find matte finishes on drums super boring but now like them (guess I follow the trends). Anyway, anyone else notice how popular matte finishes are?
  9. hefty

    New intriguing (and expensive!) pedals from Tama and Yamaha

    I'm intrigued by two new bass drum pedals from Tama and Yamaha, due out shortly. Yamaha wins for style points, or flash anyway. That does almost nothing for me though.... Both provide plenty of sticker shock. I love my Tama Speed Cobra but may have to try one or both of these. Has anyone...
  10. hefty

    Back-line bass drum creep

    Tips for dealing with bass drum creep on a back-lined kit? My bass drum pedal is a Tama Speed Cobra, which I love, but it only has a corrugated rubber surface on the bottom of it-- no spikes. With my current more aggressive sounding band I've run into issues with the bass drum sliding away...
  11. hefty

    Another new video from my band!

  12. hefty

    Yamaha copper snare drums

    I had been passively searching for a Yamaha copper snare drum (seamless model from the 90's) for many months. And I finally found one. These seem like hidden gems in that people who've had them loved them but not a lot of people have had them. Or maybe that's just my impression. Any other...
  13. hefty

    My band's new music video!

    Came out today. Give it a look-listen if you're so inclined...
  14. hefty

    Drum set pic for my wife to draw

    My wife is an artist and has decided to take on drawing a drum set for one of her pieces. She has asked me for a pic to use to draw from. I'm thinking something very classic and vintage. 3 piece, with (minimal) stands and cymbals. I'm actually having a bit of a tough time finding a...
  15. hefty

    aluminum die cast hoops on a modern Black Beauty

    Anyone ever try Yamaha's aluminum die cast hoops on a modern Black Beauty? I assume the aluminum die casts are kind of splitting the difference between a regular die cast and a triple-flanged, which I think is what I want. I've been playing my BB again after a long break from it and digging...
  16. hefty

    no longer receiving email alerts from DFO

    A couple days ago or so I stopped receiving any email alerts from the DFO. For PMs, subscribed threads, etc. I don't think I changed anything, other than my profile pic....
  17. hefty

    Another INDe strainer thread (20's Ludwig NOB)

    I have a 20's Ludwig NOB 6.5x14" 8 lugger that I love but was tired of the p338 backing off and/or turning off altogether when played more aggressively. So I turned to the INDe strainer, although when I got it there were a couple issues-- the center bead (which is pretty massive on this drum...
  18. hefty

    Paiste Signature Full Crash 19"

    Looking for a Paiste Sig Full crash 19" in excellent condition. Anyone?
  19. hefty

    SOLD! Paiste Formula 602 Modern Essentials 20" crash

    Paiste Formula 602 Modern Essentials 20" crash for sale. Very light stick marks and finger prints but other wise pretty much mint condition. These Modern Essentials are amazing cymbals. Kind of a more aggressive regular 602 with a touch of darkness. $295 + shipping. SOLD.
  20. hefty

    Reference speaker set-up for listening to mixes? On a budget.

    I need a good way to listen to mixes from recordings i'm a part of. All I have at home now is a wifi speaker thing and headphones and I'm realizing that the feedback i give during the mixing process is strongly affected by not listening on a decent reference speaker set up. So I'm hoping for...