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  1. Bonzoholic

    13" Zildjian K/Z Hats for Zildjian Crash

    I have a 60's era Zildjian A 16 Medium Thin with 4 factory installed rivets.
  2. Bonzoholic

    Ludwig 30's pioneer 15 x 6.5 NOB player - brass, ballads and backbeats.

    I think I just wet myself.................. Yep, I did.
  3. Bonzoholic

    SOLD!!! DW 5000 Bass Drum Pedal

    Would you consider trades?
  4. Bonzoholic

    UFIP Bravo cymbals....anyone have any info???

    I had a UFIP Bravo 22" Heavy Ride a few years back that I really wished I kept. Nice definition and amazing wash when you laid into it.
  5. Bonzoholic

    SOLD Set of 10 Slingerland T rod and claw sets

    Are all the "T" heads solid? Meaning, are any of them loose? I have a few on my Slingy bass drum that are loose and rattle a bit or actually fall off.
  6. Bonzoholic

    John Henry Bonham Died on this Day

    Last few posts are pretty tasteless
  7. Bonzoholic

    Terri Lynne Carrington - Chameleon

    Wow..........just WOW!!!
  8. Bonzoholic


    What kind of rides are you looking for?
  9. Bonzoholic

    SOLD - 1985 Paiste 2002 Heavy Ride 22” NEW OFFER INCLUDED

    Smoking deal here folks. I have one of these rides and it does not disappoint. Description above is spot on!!
  10. Bonzoholic

    Helping our base players sound

  11. Bonzoholic

    18”Soft Floor Tom Bag

  12. Bonzoholic

    Behringer P-1 IE Amplifier

    Anyone have any experience with this amplifier? I would be using it for small club shows. Thanks in advance!
  13. Bonzoholic

    Happy Thursday

  14. Bonzoholic

    Paiste 14" 2002 Heavy Hi-hats

    Still available?
  15. Bonzoholic

    Liberty DeVitto

    Discuss.... Dug in deep to some Billy Joel over the weekend. Liberty's playing is so powerful on all Joel's work.
  16. Bonzoholic

    Most Versatile Drummers

    I'm gonna say it............... VINNIE!!!!
  17. Bonzoholic

    18”Soft Floor Tom Bag

    Looking for a soft bag for a 18x16 floor Tom. Nothing fancy. Just for storage