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  1. andlours

    Speaking of Ludwigs, any thoughts or tips on restoring this set?

    It looks like they used adhesive to attach that protector ring on the tom. I would just leave the factory, broken rivet in there and re-glue it with a good adhesive. That way everything stays consistent and looks factory. As far as the rust goes, I would just soak all the chrome bits in a Dawn...
  2. andlours

    Favorite Wooden Snare You Have Ever Played or Heard

    I've owned a lot of nice snares, but one of my all times favorites is a 6.5" x 13" Yamaha Musashi oak snare I got for $100. It makes no sense, but I like the yamaha better than the craviotto I owned.
  3. andlours

    Cymbal choice for Church

    I would recommend the 21" Sabian HHX Groove ride. Very crashable with a great bell. They can be found pretty easily used at a good price.
  4. andlours

    Duluth Brass Manufacturing Redux.

    I've really been eyeing these shells. I have a full set of Ludwig mini-classic lugs and a p83 strainer that I'd love to use on one of these shells. I've recently grown to love 13" snares, but I would also love to have a classic 8" x 14" bell bronze snare as I don't have any 8" deep snares. What...
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    HELP: Ludwig Scarf Joint Question (1969)

    Off the top of my head, Ludwig did stop doing the wrap in the scarf joint in the late 60s (68 or 69). It seems like the late 60s clear interior stuff lines up with when they stopped having the wrap in the scarf joint.
  7. andlours

    Sabian HHX 22" Omni

    I've been looking to buy one of these for a while. Interesting to hear about the volume issue, but for me in a lot of instances, that's a perk.
  8. andlours

    Ludwig Micro-Bop Bass Drum

    That little kit looks great! To be honest, I completely stole the tag idea from your jazzette restoration. I think it's a good thing to throw a tag in a modified vintage drum, just a cool way to show that it isn't original and to give it a little more personal connection.
  9. andlours

    Nickel Cleaner/Polish Recommendation

    Mothers Mag polish works great for me
  10. andlours

    Ludwig Micro-Bop Bass Drum

    So, I know some of you will disagree with my decision, but I decided to go with the silver inlay on the bass drum hoop. For some reason the gold just didn't look classic enough to me. Here are a few pictures with the silver sparkle inlay. I also grabbed some shots of the interior. I ended up...
  11. andlours

    Ludwig Micro-Bop Bass Drum

    I'm using the Gibraltar riser for 18" and 20" kick drums on the lowest setting. I like have an 18" kick on the floor, but with a 16" it gets a little tight without a riser.
  12. andlours

    Ludwig Micro-Bop Bass Drum

    I ended up buying a trans badge for the bass drum off eBay. I do have a donor shell with another trans badge if i need to rob another one.
  13. andlours

    Ludwig Micro-Bop Bass Drum

    I would love to find a 12" x 18" to have a true jazzette bass drum. This 16" sound pretty dang good though.
  14. andlours

    Ludwig Micro-Bop Bass Drum

    Here's the shell I used for the project. It came from ludwig as a 10" x 16" with re rings. I think I'm convinced that I'm gonna switch over to silver inlays.
  15. andlours

    Ludwig Micro-Bop Bass Drum

    Just recently finished up a matching 10" x16" bass drum for my transition badge downbeat kit. I used a 69 timp tom, plugged any extra holes with plugs cut from a rocker shell, and wrapped it in jet black. I used gold sparkle inlays on the hoops to match my snare, but I may switch over to silver...
  16. andlours

    Rarity: WFL and Ludwig Black Cortex/Black Lacquer

    It came with a "matching" COB super, but it doesn't have the true matching jet black downbeat snare.
  17. andlours

    Rarity: WFL and Ludwig Black Cortex/Black Lacquer

    Here are few close ups of my kit. Sorry for the poor picture quality.
  18. andlours

    Rarity: WFL and Ludwig Black Cortex/Black Lacquer

    I'll try to take some close up pictures of drums tomorrow and load them here. I feel like jet black pearl was one of the rarer Ludwig finishes in the late 50s and early 60s.
  19. andlours

    Rarity: WFL and Ludwig Black Cortex/Black Lacquer

    I bought a full downbeat set about 6 months back. They're from 59. Ludwig didn't use cortex back in the WFL era. Its was just black wrap known as jet black pearl.
  20. andlours

    Where to buy 16 inch wooden bass drum hoops

    Just bought a set from precision and couldn't be more impressed with the overall quality.