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  1. wflkurt

    Ludwig 1972 Classic WMP

    Wow these are gorgeous
  2. wflkurt

    60s Roger Holiday vs. Delta Tower (20/14/12)

    I am not a big Rogers expert by any means but isn't any 20,12,14 Rogers set pretty difficult to locate?
  3. wflkurt

    Guy From Baltimore Pays $2.125 Million for Drum Head of 14th Greatest Drummer of All Time

    I understand that the drum head is a piece of history but I'm surprised Irsay didn't buy the second OBP Jazzfest that Ringo sold at that same auction. Sets 1 and two came with matching jazzfests and of course everyone knows by now that Ringo used number one for just about everything. Number two...
  4. wflkurt

    When a touring Prog band joins the ranks of a cover band....

    If I were a musician that made his living solely off music on a big scale, I could absolutely see myself wanting to play small shows on down time. I have played enough to know that breaks are needed but usually after the first break from lots of gigs really close together, I find myself...
  5. wflkurt

    1960's Downbeat ?

    I agree. There is a super small window of sets with keystone badges and curved spurs. Factor in that most of those sets were either super classics or Hollywood sets and that makes the downbeat even more rare like that. I have a quick horror story.... I had a drummer friend in high school and in...
  6. wflkurt

    6.5x14 Hammered Bronze for 5x14 version?

    I have a 2000's Hammered Bronze(I think it's bronze) 6.5x14 that I would like to trade for a 5" version or a black beauty. I was actually hoping to find a cut B/O badge version as I really want a drum with a B/O badge. I don't care if the drum is a bronze hammered or un-hammered, black beauty...
  7. wflkurt

    1960's Downbeat ?

    Thanks again for the pics. I have seen very few(almost none) B/O badges drums with a 1969 date stamp. I know it happened but there seems to be very few of them. The snare most likely came with the set or could have been a slightly later order. I'm betting they came together. Do you know if any...
  8. wflkurt

    1960's Downbeat ?

    Wow these are so cool. Thanks for the pics. I would be curious to see if that snare had a date stamp. It sure looks to be caught it the switch from keystone to B/O. Any downbeat from 1969 is pretty hard to find as most sets had 22" bass drums by now. These look to be in very nice shape and it...
  9. wflkurt

    New club date with bowties.

    A memory lock should be available for these already. All of the classic brackets have a notched area for the memory lock piece. You just need to make sure you have the correct 9.5mm memory lock piece and it should fit perfectly on the top of the gull wing spur. My issue with vintage gull wing...
  10. wflkurt

    New club date with bowties.

    That makes sense. I think think expresso burst is the same finish over a WMP. The original version of expresso burst on a real 50's Gretsch drum set is owned by Joe Luoma and I believe Steve used one of Joe's drums to create the reissue. It sure looks cool in person!
  11. wflkurt

    New club date with bowties.

    I believe it's called expresso burst. I could be wrong though. It would look fine on a black galaxy, sky blue, sparkle, oyster or pearl color like black or white. I understand that they did it because it was done to look right when a painted DUCO finish was used. I just wish the badge...
  12. wflkurt

    When playing the drums to Rush is not impressive enough...

    It's impossible to judge one's creativity from a cover video. This guy is so good he probably did just to say he did it and have some fun. Unless I actually worked on a project with him, I think it would be tough to judge his creativity. If he had albums of original music that would be telling...
  13. wflkurt

    New club date with bowties.

    Ok now I love the way this looks! I know so many people have clamored for Ludwig to bring back imperial lugs on drums but I have never cared for it. To each thier own but I love the imperials on a supra and all the other metal snares but was never a fan of them on sets. Wm F Ludwig invented the...
  14. wflkurt

    1960's Downbeat ?

    What a beautiful set of drums from mid to late 1969! You don't see too many downbeats from that time period. It's really hard to tell exactly what the snare is and I'm inclined to say jazzfest. Can you get more pics? I am close to certain that a date stamp from July through the end of 1969 would...
  15. wflkurt

    Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2020: There's One Standout Drummer

    Boyd Tinsley, the violinist from DMB got kicked out not too long ago. He just played some shows around here and one of my friends was playing bass in the opening band for a few shows. Boyd was so messed up he could barely stand. So sad to see what happens to some of these guys. I would highly...
  16. wflkurt


    Mike, I have no idea why but WFL used two different styles of strainers. There is the kind like the one on your rose duco drum that came in right, left, single, nickle, chrome and tall and short(to work with 5x14 sized drums). There is also the kind that is on the wmp drum I posted and the...
  17. wflkurt


    Great drum Mike as usual. I have seen several of those twins with lugs like that but this one is the first I have seen with those strainers. All of the ones with those Lugs I have seen used the strainer in this picture. The ones on your drum are the short versions and I have only seen them on...
  18. wflkurt

    11 Years Ago, Ringo Said “No, No” to Signing Autographs for Fans

    This is what I heard as well. People would have him sign stuff just so they could turn around and re-sell it. He sells autographed items at concerts and the money goes to I don't blame him for doing what he did. I have heard that he would...
  19. wflkurt

    Resurrected a dusty old black panther 20

    Great Job! No citrus under there? (sorry I had to say it)