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  1. moosryan

    Keeping track of SPD-SX samples

    Hi all, More and more lately I'm doing gigs heavily reliant on samples loaded into my spd-sx. Sometimes it's repeat gigs where I really have time to internalize everything, sometimes it's quicker stuff where I have less practice & rehearsal time. My problem is that on these gigs, every track...
  2. moosryan

    SOLD!! Gretsch Full Range Maple 5x14 Snare Natural Gloss Mint

    Thanks so much! Not exactly what I'm looking for, but I really appreciate the honest & detailed feedback. Hope someone snags it!
  3. moosryan

    SOLD!! Gretsch Full Range Maple 5x14 Snare Natural Gloss Mint

    Are these similar to the 10 ply New Classic snares?
  4. moosryan

    I have one of those already, thanks though!

    I have one of those already, thanks though!
  5. moosryan

    20" K Custom Dark Ride SOLD

    Bump! Soundfile available.
  6. moosryan

    20" K Custom Dark Ride SOLD

    Thanks all! (especially Bonzoholic for the kind words!)
  7. moosryan

    20" K Custom Dark Ride SOLD

    20" K Custom Dark Ride for sale weighing in at 2248 g. Acquired last year in a trade with Bonzoholic and just too similar to other cymbals I use more often. Soundfile available (just a simple Zoom H1 recording) upon request. Looking for $200 shipped in the US. Update: SOLD locally via...
  8. moosryan

    Remo Mondo Djembe Snare 12x7.5

    I believe Corey Fonville plays this drum with Christian Scott sometimes, and it sounds phenomenal. He had it (or something quite like it) in their Tiny Desk set: &t=1595s.
  9. moosryan

    Buyers/Sellers Feedback

    Very pleasant trade with Bonzoholic!
  10. moosryan

    Zildjian K Dark For K Heavy *Pic Added*

    What about a K Custom ride? Very similar weight to the K heavy.
  11. moosryan

    Sold Sabian 21 inch bash ride

    Damn, this is the steal of the day. Basically Sabian's take on the sweet ride, as far as I can tell. I've really liked the ones I've played.
  12. moosryan

    Opinions on a 20" crash

    I am really loving my 20" Xist. Reminds me a bit of a 20" A Thin but a bit trashier. I've never been able to get myself around to the sound of the K Dark Thins...I've heard so many and they never click with me. Could be up your alley!
  13. moosryan

    Drum sticks ok for carry on at airlines?

    I seem to always get my bags investigated when I have a stickbag inside with brushes. I've never had an issue actually getting through, but I consistently get held up to explain what they are.
  14. moosryan

    Buyers/Sellers Feedback

    Ditto to Rhythm Devil! Very smooth and friendly. I've also had great transactions of late with Sammybear and torydrum.
  15. moosryan

    Suggestions for a good crash/ride?

    If you can find one, the Paiste Twenty Light Ride is a killer crash as well.
  16. moosryan

    Buyers/Sellers Feedback

    Great sale from drummaman1! Shipped quickly and packed very well. Thanks!
  17. moosryan

    SPD-SX Bag/Case

    An update for anyone interested! I wound up with this bag here: It seems pretty well made so far. It fits the SPD plus the mounting bracket and it has a nice padded pocket in the front with space for a trigger, footpedal, and some cables. It's...
  18. moosryan

    SPD-SX Bag/Case

    Thanks to you both! That Mono bag looks amazing, I'll have to check it out and see if it's worth the spend. I don't know how well made it is, but I'm looking at this SKB bag as well:
  19. moosryan

    SPD-SX Bag/Case

    Anyone using anything they like? I have this SKB case for touring ( but it's a total tank and too unwieldy for toting around on a regular basis. Would...
  20. moosryan

    Thin Crashes in Louder Music

    Great suggestions all around, thanks! I've had my eyes on Dark Energies, but I'm not sure I want to drop the $$$ (would probably require seriously thinning the herd). Going to some older, thinner A crashes could be an interesting route.