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    Bands With More Than One Drummer

    merlin haggard, had two drummers for a time! I never could figure out why?
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    WTB: Ludwig Speed King Reissue (L201) Bass Pedal

    I have one , its new, any interest E-mail me (
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    Vintage Ludwig Downbeat (20/14/12)Drum Set From 1960s or Early 1970s

    I have couple kits i'd like to move, I just turned 70, need to down size, 4 piece rewrapped in burgundy sparkle, all chrome is perfect, 18"- 14"-10"-8" 3 piece kit wrapped in TAMO ASH wood, has wood hoops, chrome is perfect, 18"-14"-12" any interest let me know.
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    Ludwig T’s and claws

    have a set of 10 rods,claws,washers, any interest pm me with zip for ship quote.
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    Found! Thanks Nacci! Slingerland 1960s T-Rods

    there is a chap on face-book , vintage drum singles, tony lee, has a set of T's & claws, asking $150.
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    What are some memories of your tour or being on the road?

    it was back in 1968 we were just a club band, a local boy won a singing contest, thought he was a star and asked us to go on the road, had a doge maxie van, offered us transportation, $150. a week, room & meals, now being a bunch of 18 year olds thought we had it made! we wer,nt really...
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    What Are Your Favorite Car Years?

    I love the tri-five chevy, these two are mine.
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    Ludwig Score

    I covered mine with a piece of road sign, I cut it out and polished it up, had it engraved,
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    Vintage Ludwig/WFL FT Leg Mount Help

    i think Gretsch has a two piece mount you could use, how ever since you have the old parts, I would dill hole in the center of mount, and find 3 of the innards from a Ludwig p1216 mount and use them to hold legs, I think there is another brand that uses this same setup.
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    Alternate to real skin head

    thinking back to younger days, I was loading up for a gig, when something fell over, went thru top head on my snare, no place to buy a replacement at nite, took a quick look around and seen old army (canvas) duffel bag, I cut a circle out and somehow wrapped it around the old rim that was...
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    Alternate to real skin head

    might try a cabbage leaf? sorry I couldn't help myself.
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    SOLD Ludwig Bowtie/Classic Lugs

    pm sent.
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    should you give up on the 12" I have a nice 13" Ludwig, no pitting or rust.
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    FOUND - Ludwig/WFL 15'' 8 hole COB hoops

    I have a nice set off a marching snare if they will work for you.
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    Has anyone stripped wrap from old Ludwigs, and made them into a natural finish?

    I would never do it on 3 ply shells, most were mahogany, bugger to get wrap off clean with out damage to shell, you also have wrap into joint to deal with, most have the famous Ludwig bump at seam, I did do it to the later shell, the had maple outer plys, 18" bass had wrap turned out nice...
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    Two Different Keystone Badge Styles

    looks like day & nite to me !
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    I have taken floor tom legs and bent them to size, you need to clamp end in vice and then slip a steel tube that just slides over the leg to use as a leaver in order to get a nice tight bend.
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    How to remove vintage tom post bracket?

    the screws have square shoulders on them to keep them from turning, I would just try to tighten them up, they should snap right off, unless your trying to save them
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    I Need Hearing Aid Advice

    up here in the big country, Canada, workers composition will pay full cost of aids, you need to prove that you worked at a time when safety was not a big issue, I worked in a cabinet& counter-top shop 33 years, also drummed for more than that, plus all family members on fathers side have go...
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    Ludwig Speed King Footboard

    I have one off a hi-hat, it does have a hairline crack at hinge, but not all way thru, seems to hold ok, yours if you want it, just pay shipping, i'm in Canada so may be higher , any interest send zip for ship quote and pics.