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  1. 6packb

    Gretsch 70's SSB Bebop kit MBP

    Beautiful vintage drums in highly desirable sizes & great color (Midnight Blue Pearl or Sky Blue Pearl) 14x18 Bass drum (Virgin!) This came from the Gretsch Vineyard only drilled for lugs & badge & without a label so I can't say exactly when it was created but I believe it to be from the 90's...
  2. 6packb

    Gretsch 80's resto-mod 22, 16, 13 Blue Satin Flame

    I can't believe I still have these. I played them at a Jam session I hosted recently. Every drummer in the room was raving about the sound of this kit!
  3. 6packb

    Gretsch tangerine glass glitter microbop

    Still available, will consider trades
  4. 6packb

    SOLD Ludwig Club Date 14x14" floor tom blue sparkle

    I have its mates. 8x12 with baseball bat muffler, nickel hardware. Also have a blue sparkle 14x20 shell and some nickel hardware. Unfortunately it has an extra Japanese tom mount added but these pieces would give you a nearly complete set with the floor tom
  5. 6packb

    Keeping It - MODs Please Remove: Rare Yamaha FRP Snare (5.5" x 14")

    Great seller, buy with confidence!
  6. 6packb

    Scale for weighing cymbals

    I just bought one of these, great thread, thx Jon
  7. 6packb

    Gretsch tangerine glass glitter microbop

    Vintage drums professionally restored. Wrapped in Tangerine Glass Glitter. These drums are truly beautiful, pics do not do these justice, must see! Bass drum 12x16 50's 3 ply Floor tom 14x14 60's 6 ply tom 8x12 60's 6 ply Resto-mod drums, all muffler & mounting bracket holes are doweled...
  8. 6packb

    KB Ludwig spurs

    I will take them
  9. 6packb


    The mount is captured between the tube lug posts, has nothing to do with the tension rods.
  10. 6packb

    SOLD Gretsch USA Custom Bop

    While Gretsch is currently calling it Sky Blue Pearl & did at one time in the 70's call it Light Blue Pearl, I still say Midnight Blue Pearl for Gretsch drums to differentiate it from Slingerlands "Light Blue Pearl" & Ludwigs "Sky Blue Pearl". They really aren't all the same, I recently sold a...
  11. 6packb

    Rogers 15" X 12" project tom

    Absolutely love 15" floor toms!
  12. 6packb

    Gretsch 8x12 RB

    Looking for a 50's or 60's round badge 8x12 tom. Want a complete drum but will consider just a shell. prefer a rewrap candidate but will take a nice drum & wrap the rest to match
  13. 6packb

    Four Leedy 1920's - 30's Snare Drums- 1 ply shells and Heavy Brass

    That's because the original post is from 2016. I'm pretty sure these drums are long gone...
  14. 6packb

    Gretsch 80's resto-mod 22, 16, 13 Blue Satin Flame

    Some new pics. The wrap is really more blue than black.
  15. 6packb

    Gretsch 9x13 Tangerine sparkle (Glass Glitter) 1970's SSB $275 *SOLD*

    Well I assumed it had a standard diamond plate clip mount, but I don't seem to be able to see anything in the pics I took, I will verify its a Virgin ASAP.
  16. 6packb

    Gretsch 9x13 Tangerine sparkle (Glass Glitter) 1970's SSB $275 *SOLD*

    I will consider just about anything in trade, but here is my actual wanted list: Drums Camco 8x12 any satin flame Camco 16x16 any satin flame Camco bass drum 18, 20 or 22 any satin flame Fibes 16x16 fiberglass any finish prefer rewrap candidate Gretsch RB Midnight Blue Pearl 16x16 or...
  17. 6packb

    Gretsch 9x13 Tangerine sparkle (Glass Glitter) 1970's SSB $275 *SOLD*

    Very nice original vintage drum with octagonal SS badge and internal sticker with serial number that dates this to the 70's. the wrap is nice with vibrant color and only a few light scruffs that should buff out, no issues This could be the missing piece to complete your drumset or the start of...
  18. 6packb

    Gretsch 80's resto-mod 22, 16, 13 Blue Satin Flame

    No interest in this great player kit? Make offer...
  19. 6packb

    1970's Slingerland 8x12 Champagne sparkle *SOLD*

    price reduced Now $125 + shipping